List of all black axe confraternity slangs, Hierarchy, And Other Information

List of all black axe confraternity slangs, Hierarchy, And Other Information

It is therefore important to know all black axe confraternity slangs, Hierarchy, And Other Information. The Black Axe cultism has been in existence for decades now and continues to operate openly and in secret.

From records, Black Axe Confraternity is one of the oldest and strongest Confraternity in the whole of Nigeria and that is a fact. They are said to have over 30,000 people across the world and more of such numbers within Nigeria.

They have very powerful people in the offices and even some more on the streets doing all sorts of evil and  illegal things.

In this post, we will discuss the 13 most common and popular slang in their circles with their respective meanings. That is all black axe confraternity slangs. We will also lay emphasis on some common questions related to the Black Axe confraternity

Last but not the least, although this is constantly denied, the Black Axe is said to be an alias of The popular Neo Black Movement mainly  known as NBM.

Let us take a look at a List of all black axe confraternity slangs, Hierarchy, And Other Information

List of all black axe confraternity slangs, Hierarchy, And Other Information

1. ITJ (Intending Ju):

This slang simply means a non-member. It is used to describes a person who is about to become a member of a deadly group or confraternity.

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2. INJ (In-Ju):

INJ is used  to describe members of other cult group or confraternity.

3. AYE:

AYE is an abbreviation which stands for African Youth Empowerment. When a member of the group is on campus, such a name is given to the person.

They are also called or known as Temple Aye.

4. Lord:

When a member graduates after joining the cult group, they are referred to as or called Lord.

5. Jollification/Jolly:

This term is used to describe the gathering of members for parties, jubilation or initiations.

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6. Blending/Bamming:

This term is used to describe an initiation into the cult group. it is used to express approval. That is, ‚Äėyou bam‚Äô. Meaning you are approved.

7. LP (‚ÄúElpee‚ÄĚ):

This is a jolly song sung amongst the members. It takes their spirit high and leaves them in cloud 9.

8. Tingo/Bird:

This slang is used to send a signal to the Black Axe members that there is an enemy around. Especially the Eiye confraternity (Airlords), the rival cult hated most by NBM.

9. Baggers:

This name is used to describe members of the Buccaneers Confraternity (Sealords), another rival cult of NBM.

10. Strong name (SN):

This is a unique and special name given during an initiation.

11. Clothing:

All members of the confraternity have a common uniform of sorts that consists of colors of black, white, and yellow.

12. Janet:

This slangs is used to describes punishment such as beating with a cane or whip otherwise known as the popular KOBOKO.

13. H.I.T. /Play Hit:

This term means or refers to the act of killing/eliminating  other cults members from different confraternities. They usually add scores to themselves each time they kill. Ie. 1:0  .. to them, it looks like a kind of game.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cultism In Nigeria:

What is the meaning of Egede?

This was originally used as a term that describes a kind of greeting with the clash of forearms, more recently also used for drums.

What does 0147 mean in NBM?

The often-used (frequently used) code 147 means one for seven.

Who is the national head of NBM?

The national head of NBM is nobody else the Chief Felix Kupa. Felix Kupa became the new head of NBM, he has striven to show a softer, more beneficent side of the called organization.

What is the meaning of LP in NBM?

LP or Elpee is a term used to describe a joyful song. It is used when the NBM members are gyrating together happily.

What is the 7 hierarchy of NBM?

  • Axe Head or Temple‚Äôs head
    Chief Priest
  • Chairman and his COE (Council of Elders)
  • Chief Butcher and his Butchers or Now rebranded as Marshalls
  • Chief Ihaza and his Ihazas
  • Chief Eye and his Eyes
  • Chief Crier and his Criers

What is the motto of NBM?

The motto of the NBM is ‚Äčequality and social justice for all.

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What is the black AXE slogan?

The most known and most used slogan associated with the Black axe confraternity is equality and social justice for all.

Who betrayed NBM?

A female gender named Janet was the girlfriend of one of the founders. According to NBM, it was recorded that she betrayed the movement. It was rumoured that she was beheaded for that reason.

Who founded cultism?

Wole Soyinka was one of the first founders of cultism in Nigeria.

Who first brought cultism to Nigeria?

Wole Soyinka brought cultism to Nigeria

When was black AXE founded?

The NBM was founded on the 7th day of July 1977,this is 44 years ago today, as at the time of this post

Which is the strongest Confraternity in Nigeria?

  • The National Associations of Sea Lords (Buccaneers Confraternity).
  • The Black Axe Confraternity/The Neo-Black Movement of Africa.
  • Pyrates Confraternity(National Association of Seadogs)
  • The Supreme Eiye Confraternity

Is Flavor a cultist?

Flavour, a popular Nigerian musician and superstar is said to be an alleged cultist, this means as of now, there are no solid proof to support it.

Although Flavor has been spotted carrying out a lot of cult-themed traditions. He has been seen among some Aiye frat-mates.

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Who Brought Cultism To Nigeria?

The origin of cultism in Nigeria has been traced to the Seadog confraternity also known as or refered to as Pyrates.

The seadogs was founded by Wole Soyinka and six others at the University of Ibadan in the year 1952.

Effects of Cultism

Cultism has without doubt led to a lot of maniacs and moral decadence in the society, below are some of the effects of cultism

1. Untimely Death

One of the pathetic and painful effects of cultism is the loss of lives prematurely. The government through its law enforcement agencies on a constant effort, fights crime such as armed robbery, kidnapping, drug abuse, murder etc. carried out by these cult members.


The outcome of such operations often results in massive exchange of fire, arrest, detention, imprisonment and eventually lead to death. Many young people who indulge in these heinous acts and criminality  have lost their lives either in the course of a shootout confrontation or through inter-cult clashes or fight which they might describe as GAME.

In a lot of cases, the death rate is even higher on account of cult rivalry. This is popular in universities, the cult students are usually attacked and shot at during their degree examination in final year.

This does not just create a loss of potential human resources to the society but also a great loss of economic resources spent by the families in funding their children to higher education.

2. Loss of Moral Values

Cultism has proven to lead to loss of values in young people. This is because the belief system and ideologies of most of these cult groups are against the objective morality and standard of life.

The practice of vengeance and massive violence which they promote by their actions negates objective moral values of life. Individuals who had values from home upbringing tend to lose them or leave them through the negative influence of the system of cultism.

Such negative values have no regard for the good sanctity of human life, orderliness and of coz peace. Most crimes common among youths are directly or indirectly influenced by cultism and cultists.

This is very easy to understand because of the constant and massive abuse of drug among cultists. Under the influence of drug and alcohol, young people loss their morality and conscience, thereby committing crimes such as sexual assault, burglary, armed robbery, killings etc. without any sense of regret after wards.

3. Incomplete Education

A whole lot of cultists end up not completing their academic programme/education. Today, school authorities in a bid to curb the rate of cultism and its activities, have adopted strict penalties for it which include expulsion of students involved without minding of the academic level they are.

4. Drug and substance Addiction

Furthermore, drug addiction can be as a result of influence of cultism amongst our very own youths. Within the circle of fellow cult members, they are constantly exposed to drugs through the network of dealers on such substances who are regularly patronized by these deadly cultists.

These drugs and substances may include: alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, tramadol, codeine etc. can be sedative to human body system or human beings.

The constant usage of them can expose the brain to incessant crave for it which with time becomes an act they cannot do without which may be refered to as addiction. Many young people associated with cultism have been exposed to these substances which they have become engrossed into. They can go as far as stealing or pick pocketing to get money in order to buy these substances.

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