On the Roads of Lagos - lesson from the young Master.

On the Roads of Lagos – lesson from the young Master.

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On an early Monday morning..  On a very busy roads of Lagos. I was rushing to meet up with an interview which was two hours from now.

I dressed up quickly and made my way to the bus stop only for me to meet a filled bus.. I had to wait for another bus to load. It was really frustrating.. I have waited for this interview my whole life.. Ordinary transport won’t be able to stop me. I taught. Still thinking, till I see a bus Approaching.. from the very spot I was standing, I rushed the bus to avoid any hard feelings. There are a lot of people here in the bus stop too.. Waiting for this particular bus. I have to rush.. so I won’t have to wait again. This type of case is what most of us call survival of the fittest. You have to fight your way through almost everything you do here in Lagos.

Enjoying the busy traffic with people rushing in every possible directions, trucks from east and west and the checkpoint from here to there. we got stuck on traffic.  With cars running wild and pedestrians competing for roads with moving vehicles.  What can one possibly expect in Lagos.

As we waited for the signal to turn green, my eyes flashed through the window only to see a poor young boy, about 13 years old. He removed a piece of biscuit from his pocket and took a bite.

As he was about to take the next bite, a stray dog wagged it’s tail looking at him. Without hesitation, he sat down and put the biscuit on the road for the dog to eat.

The dog sniffed the biscuit and walked away. The boy waited until he the dog was gone then he picked up the biscuit and ate it. Who does that in Lagos?? .. I was shocked!!

My heart was touched and wanted to walk up to the boy but before I could open the door the signal turned Green and our car drove away. The thoughts about this boy keeps coming to my head. And later,  during dinner,  I realized that I was thinking of approaching the boy but never did, I could have stopped the car and walked up to him which again I never did. What a shame! 

I felt guilty. I could have helped that boy… But because I was rushing to attend an interview I still didn’t get the job to.. I lost the chances of being a good Samaritan to a kind hearted boy who deserve some help.

At the interview.. it happens that the Manager also saw the boy on his way.. He was just driving behind the bus I came on.. Few minutes after we drove off from the traffic. The manager stopped his vehicle and gave the boy a huge amount of money. He stood and watched the boy hand the money over to his Mum then he entered his car and drove away..

If to say, I had stopped the car earlier and helped this boy.. I would have created a very good first impression right before the Eyes of the Manager.. what a chance I Missed.. Now, I didn’t help the boy.. And I didn’t get the job.

All I did was “thinking” and this poor little boy who had only one piece of biscuit without any hesitation sharing it with the dog, though he himself seemed to be very hungry. The manager emphasised more on this.

I learnt one of the biggest lessons in my life which that boy taught me without any conversation. He taught me to give with joy and happiness.

I also learnt a lesson myself. I learnt that sometimes, the open door we have always been praying for is right behind that very act of kindness expected from you.

To get that thing you really Need.. you should try as much as possible to fulfill other peoples needs.. the little boy tried to fulfill the dogs needs.. irrespective of his own self and got a reward from the manager. Yes! He was not the only child on the road. There we’re a lot of them. And also a lot that has been praying for Gods help.. But he was the only one that saw the need to help/fulfill other peoples needs, without minding his own needs. And he got rewarded. Just because he was trying to fulfill other peoples needs.

If I had walked out of that Car to help this boy. Little did I know that my Manager was right behind me. He would have marked my face. And from the way he emphasised on it at the office.. There is no doubt I would have gotten this job I have been craving for.. I learnt a lesson today.. That’s why am sharing it to everyone. So you would know about this too.

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