Police Officer stabbed to death over minor misunderstanding by colleague

Police Officer stabbed to death over minor misunderstanding by colleague

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On friday in Yenegoa, the death of a police officer was confirmed by the commissioner of police in Bayelsa State Ben Okolo. Report said he was stabbed to death by his colleague.

This was made known by Mr Okolo who said that he has ordered the detention of the suspect and an effective investigation into the incident.

This was made known by the commissioner in a statement from the police spokesperson in the state, Asinmi Butswat.

The suspect, who has been identified to be Governor Akpoboloukeme, a sergeant, was said to be off-duty when he stabbed another sergeant, Sapele Eyeridideke, to death over minor misunderstanding

This occurred on Thursday at Edepie, Yenagoa, according to Mr Butswat.

It was reported that the suspect immediately fled the scene with attempts to flee to a neighbouring state when he was captured and arrested on the East/West Road.

From a witness who remembered how the incident happened, said the two police officers, who are cousins, attended a marriage ceremony at a popular hotel in Yenagoa where the slain officer “made a joke that did not go well with the other officer.”

The two almost got into a fight before their friends stepped in to talk to them.

The two cousins left the venue of the marriage ceremony and went their separate ways.

Rather than go home, the suspect was said to have trailed the victim to a secluded place and stabbed him with a dagger on the left part of his rib cage, killing him instantly, the witness said.

The corpse has made its way to the mortuary

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