Pope Francis condemns treatment of migrants in Europe

Pope Francis condemns treatment of migrants in Europe

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Pope Francis condemns treatment of migrants in Europe. 

In His speech on the Greek island of Lesbos, where he came in contact with dozens of migrants, he made it clear that they were being used for political propaganda.  In his words, neglect of migrants was called “shipwreck of civilisation”.

He laid emphasis on the causes of migration which include “forgotten wars”, instead of giving punishment to those who feel the effects. He was against the building of walls to keep people out.

In his words: “There are many here in Europe who persist on treating the problem as a matter of no concern to them – this is tragic”

“History has made us know that narrow self interest and nationalism leads to great consequence. While the covid  has shown that we ought to confront major challenges together and we had little signs of these happening on climate change. There was little sign of such an approach to migration” he said.

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“By instilling fear on the other, it is easy to influence public opinion” he added.

“The main cause of this should be attacked and not use the poor people who pay the consequences for political propaganda”

As of Last month, 27 people were confirmed dead when their inflatable dinghy sank in the Channel between France and the UK. Several people died in freezing temperatures attempting to cross into Poland from Belarus.

And 1,650 people have been recorded missing by the International Organization for Migration while attempting to cross the Mediterranean this year.

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