Queues return to Abuja filling stations as FG suspends removal of fuel subsidy

Queues return to Abuja filling stations as FG suspends removal of fuel subsidy

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There is serious long queue at the filling station across the FCT, Abuja. – Queues return to Abuja filling stations as FG suspends removal of fuel subsidy

This came few hours after the the federal government removed hopes, giving possibility to the removal of fuel Subsidies on petroleum products.

Following the announcement by the Federal government, we didn’t sight any queue in filling stations around the federal capital city. However, the return of the queues was linked to greed by filling station operators to make “last-minute gain”.

Recall that, the Federal Government had on Monday made it known to the public that there wouldn’t be a removal of fuel subsidy anytime soon.

The Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, also confirmed to this by saying that the subsidies on fuel would not be removed due to perceived difficulties associated with it.

Ahmed had earlier said the Federal Government was in before times, looking at the removal of fuel subsidy from July this year, after making provisions in the 2022 budget to cushion the effect, but noted that the timing has become a huge challenge.

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However, we noticed that most of the filling stations located around Lugbe area of Abuja were operating at minimal capacity as only few pumping machines were working.

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Speaking with daily post on this issue, a taxi driver, who was deeply in search of fuel, said:

“Information they got earlier was that the removal of subsidies will force them to increase fuel price, that is why they are hoarding the product. You know that when the demand is high without supply; the price will increase. The queue is because filling stations are now using fewer nozzles to dispense fuel. You notice that some filling stations with seven pumping machines have now restricted their operations to two; mind you, one pumping machine has two dispensing nozzles. So, instead of deploying all the nozzles, they limit them; this is responsible for the queues

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