Season finale: Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E11)- The Rape

Season finale: Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E11)- The Rape

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Episode 11


“when you pushed me down, there was this guy watching. He took me to the hospital and the doctor said I lost my baby. I cursed you, I went to church and fasted for 12 good days just to lay a curse on you. You promised me marriage, so if you marry anyone else. On your wedding night, your marriage will crumble. You won’t even enjoy it from the first night. The guy stayed with me and watched me curse you. He promised to be a good friend to me which he was. He already has a girl he is engaged to and he really loved her. His wife to be was in the university. She was in her final year and he was waiting for her to finish her university education before he starts the marriage processions. The girl has already said yes to him. Her parents have approved the marriage. It’s just education that was delaying it.
Few years later, the girl is now a full graduate who had just finished her NYSC service at Abuja. She came back to Lagos to reunite with her husband to be. Only for you to come along. The same Michael, the bloody soul from hell, you came and used your charms to bewitch her. You made her breakup with her lover. Poor Williams, he came back to me that night crying. He cried and cried and cried. I felt his love for Amanda. A relationship he has kept for five years. Now it’s time for marriage. Another guy came and snatched his beauty away from him. “Michael must pay for this!!!” he said with anger and bitterness in his heart.

The news came as a shock to us when we learned that you are going to marry Amanda. Williams was so restless. I watched him cry and drink all night. I tried my best to put him together and to make him forget about what has happened until he said to me
“Lucy, it’s time to make your prayers a REALITY. I must get my revenge from Amanda for dumping a five years old relationship for a womanizer. And from Michael for what he did to you” to cut the whole story short. As I speak now, Williams is in one hotel now, and he is going to rape your wife Amanda”

“What!!” I shouted
“Not just him Michael, he is going to rape your wife with 5 other cultists whom he had paid for the operation”

“JESUS CHRIST !! am finished” I shouted
“will Amanda survive this” I asked in tears

“IF SHE PERISH, SHE PERISH !!! I am not a bad person Michael, but you turned me into a Beast. Now the beast in me is here to end your life completely” after Lucy said those words, she pulled out a knife and tried to stab Michael at the chest, but he dodged it and the knife landed on his left leg. Lucy made a second attack and cut Michael’s face. Henry and John wanted to grab her but she left the car and ran away.

She entered a taxi immediately and Henry took to the steering to track the taxi. The taxi stopped at the airport and Lucy ran off. Williams joined her immediately. Henry and John left the car to pursue them but Williams threw a note at them and shouted. “Read it if you want to see her again. Don’t bother chasing us. Else you will lose her for life” John picked it up. It reads;

“She is at Federal Palace Hotel, Room 306. You have 58 seconds left to get her out of there. If not, she may not survive the rape that will start in 57 seconds from now. My boys have been ordered to rape her to death”
John left Henry who optioned to chase Williams till it is confirmed what Amanda is save as he made his way to federal Palace hotel. He rushed into the room 306 only to see Amanda lying down unconscious. We rushed her to the hospital immediately and she was lucky to survive.
Henry came back to the hospital. He had gone back to the Hotel to see if he would find something. And he found a letter directed to me Michael. It read“The initial intension was to get my revenge. For what you did to us both. You ruined Lucy’s life. Thank God for me who was there to stop her from committing suicide that very night you caused her a Miscarriage. She passed through a lot of pain and suffering during that time. Worst thing was that the girl is an orphan with nobody to talk to. If you are alive reading this now that means you are very lucky. the plan was to kill you and brutally rape Amanda. then flee to an unknown country and live happily ever after. But along the line. Something stopped us. We had this strange felling. It was as if the spirit of guilt and shame was released upon us. the whole plan changed instantly and we aborted the mission. Though Lucy persisted to make her final hit.
And about Amanda. She was only given sleeping peels to calm her nerves. The boys you saw were not cultist. They were paid to look after her till you get there. Though she was raped. And That happened on your wedding night .. the note at the airport was meant to stop you from chasing us. hope you learnt your lessons now Michael.

I took the letter to the Reverend and he confirmed it was the spirit of God that stopped them. Amanda got discharged from the hospital and we drove home.



Wedding night gone wrong 2



Sixteen years later, Mirabel being Michael’s first Daughter was already a fully grown lady with nice curves and a sweet backside. A black beauty and a carbon copy of her Mum Amanda, Falls into a love Triangle with two handsome guys from High school. She finally made up her mind to bring the guy of her dreams home. But things changed instantly as Michael saw the Grooms Father.
“its Nice we meet Again” said the Grooms father, as Michael brought out a gun and ………. 


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