Sportybet Nigeria | 5 Reasons you should avoid it

Sportybet Nigeria

Sportybet Nigeria  is Nigeria’s premier and one of the most popular betting site, also one of the most competitive betting sites in Nigeria. It also has a strong presence in three other African countries which are; Tanzania, Ghana, and Kenya.

To be eligible to play on this site, you’ll need to register and have an account, but most importantly, you must reach the internationally recommended age to bet, and that’s 18 years. Well.. i will be showing you 5 Reasons why you should avoid Sportybet Nigeria.  But before that, let’s take a look at what Sportybet Nigeria really is.

Everyone is betting now and then, and most times, it isn’t because of the returns but also the entertainment that comes along with it. It has now become a common trend in the 21st century. It is estimated that around the world, over a billion people are known now to bet, enlisting themselves in several and different betting firms.

A whole lot of betting sites are also becoming established, and more are likely to come up in the nearest future. This is done to fill up all necessary gaps when it comes to the betting business.

So, in essence, SportyBet Nigeria is however, one of the founding companies that you can ever rely on to bet and also win right or maybe lose. There’re however, various markets for its numerous clients in Nigeria.

Why Play Sportybet

Being a punter, it is however advisable to try out site. It has unlimited advantages.

  1. Simple and convenient registration
  2.  Access to a whole lot of betting markets and lots of alternatives.
  3. Professional customer care help desk that beats all other betting sites hands down.
  4.  Minutes super Instant payment of winnings which makes sportybet the fastest payout.
  5.  Best quality Customer service.

 How to Register On Sportybet

To enjoy all the benefit associated with sportybet Nigeria, you’ll need to have a Sporty bet registered account and also to be familiar with the website. Registration on this site is however free, and there are no reasons to worry about any cost.

The steps to register are simple:

  1. For the first step, you’ll have to visit their website
  2. Click on the register tab. You’ll find this tab or link on the top right side of the site
  3.  Type in your phone number and create a secured password. Verification may be immediately sent via a text message to your phone number
  4.  Type in the code, and proceed to complete the full registration process

Alternatively you can also register by using your Facebook account to sign up.

Simple Steps on How to Play SportyBet

With this effective betting site, it’s been made way easy for you to make a bet and also win(based on luck) . All you need is access to the internet, a good laptop or an internet-enabled mobile phone, and you can begin to play with the procedures as given below;

  1. pls visit using the browser on either your laptop or mobile phone, and use your SportyBet login to access your account
  2. Then do well to proceed by clicking on the “Sports” tab
  3. then Press the” popular” tab events section: with this, you’ll be able to view all recommended events such as, “English Premier League,” “Todays Football” etc. you also have the opportunity to read through them, if you do have the time
  4. Also Click the “Highlights” section to view pre-match games
  5. Please choose the events you want to play and make your predictions by clicking on the available odds.
  6. The selections will be added immediately to the bet slip, and you can also counter-check it by clicking on the “view bet slip.”
  7. Do well to place your stake, which can be a minimal sum of 100 Naira and a maximum amount of 2,000,000 Naira, and bet on it.
  8.  Then make sure you confirm your bet, and wait for the confirmation message
  9. For the last step, you’ll receive a message that shows whether a bet is successfully placed
  10. In case you didn’t win, do not give up, you can always repeat the process if you want.

How to Login Sportybet

Well, visit the SportyBet site anytime anyday you so wish and type in your login details. With this, you’ll be able to have access to the numerious markets that can be played on site.

SportyBet Mobile App

You can download the app from; the only thing you have to do is click the app icon at the top right corner of the homepage top menu. To make your download is within a minute, and with this, you now have the best and fastest betting app, all in the palm of your hand. And also have the liberty to access your favorite games. The app can also be found in the PalmPlay app store.

There’s or may be a consideration in the smartphone market to preinstall the SportyBet app in all Techno and Infinix phones. This would be made specially for all Nigerians who love sports and most passionate about making quick cash from games.

The SportyBet mobile app allows you to place your bets using your mobile device anywhere and anytime. And the process is also bit fast and convenient.

Sportybet  Nigeria is known to offer one of the fast betting experience, which also includes attractive odds. And that’s because it has the most massive deposit bonus in the country, with the company giving you a deposit bonus three times your starting deposit.

The services also offered are accessible to just about anyone and anywhere. It’s good to have a trial on this site and see how good the betting can be.

In the case of suspected any breaches or queries, you can always call the customer care help desk using the various social media channels. They’re on Facebook (Type the name and search) and Twitter, with the handle; @sportbetng or you can call the customer care number 0700 888 8888.

Another effective option would be to send them an email using the company’s address;

Sportybet Nigeria | 5 Reasons you should avoid it 

Sportybet Nigeria

  1. It will make you broke
  2. It’s a sin
  3. It can destroy your business
  4. Betting is bad
  5. It can destroy your marriage and relationship with others.

1. It will make you broke

I have seen a lot of people investing a lot of time, energy and money in betting. People can even go to the extent of betting with their last Kobo. This is bad because it will only render you financially unstable.

2. It’s a sin

Christianity and most other religion forbids betting as it is seen and considered a sin.  They believe that money made from betting is illegal. They believe it is an unmerited money, something you didn’t work for so they however alleged it or likened it to stealing.

3. It can destroy your business

As a business man, betting should be the last thing you should do with your money. You might get caught up in the game that you will stupidly gamble your business profit and capital along the line.

4. Betting is bad

Betting is a bad habbit. If you engage in the act of betting, please stop. It is dangerous to your health. can destroy your marriage and relationship with others

No woman wants to marry a man that gambles.. when you end up using the money you are supposed to use for family responsibilities to gamble, your wife and family members might end up hating you for it.

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