Stop Social Media Posts, Lead Protest Against Insecurity In The North –Nigerians drags Ex-Vice President Atiku Over Facebook Post On Killings

A post made by the former Vise-President Atiku Abubakar aganist killing in the northern part of Nigerian has caused controversy on social media as Nigerians tackles him.

He was challenged to go beyond posting on socials and lead the protest aganist killings in the north. The country is deeply soaked in insecurity and this has attracted foreign attention as many blame the president of not solving this problem.

The banditry attack in Sokoto where bandits were witnessed opening fire on commercial bus and burning passengers has heightened the issue.

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In response to the incident, Atiku said the situation is due to the fact that the country has been complacent. He said the country needs leadership direction to mobilize relevant stakeholders.

“We must never in anyway what so ever be shy of speaking about our challenges and then engaging to solve the problems. To #SecureNorth, we need a leadership direction that will mobilise all hands on deck.” He said

The comment section was set ablaze with controversies as Nigerians urge him to lead the protest and not post on social media.

Najeeb Salisu Yusuf wrote, “Exactly sir. Please keep political differences aside, and join hands together to save Nigeria. This federal government seems clueless and incompetent. Nigeria is too big for them. Please do the needful sir.”

“May God bless anybody who shows concern about the northern lives matter.”

Maazamu Amadu Katoge said, “So you should come out for protest tomorrow morning if you want insecurity to end in the north and entire nation.”

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