There is ‘cold war’ going on in Nigeria – Reverend Ayuba

There is ‘cold war’ going on in Nigeria – Reverend Ayuba

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General Overseer of Light of God church, Angwa Gimbia Sabo Tasha, Chikun LGA of Kaduna state, Reverend Jonathan Ayuba, has expressed that need to Christians to embark on serious prayers saying there is cold war in Nigeria.

The Reverend, on a speech during the Annual Thanksgiving with the theme; “Only the living can praise God,” mentioned that the killings, kidnapping and various crimes going on in Nigeria showed that there is war being engineered by some people, with the reason best known to them.

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He went further to say that, whether their aim is to destroy Christians or Muslims so that Nigeria could practice one religion, or one religion dominates one or the other, it’s certain that ‘no matter the killings, kidnapping, all the religion must coexist.

He also added that ” it’s true that in every twelve, there must be a Judas, so it is also in Nigeria.

According to him, there is no level of killings, whatsoever that will stop Christians or Muslims from serving their living God.

“The curse will continue to follow them from generation to generation since they have agreed to be instruments in the hands of the devil,” he added.

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