TikTok Overtakes Google As Most Popular Site In 2021

TikTok Overtakes Google As Most Popular Site In 2021

Fast growing video driven social media site, TikTok beats Google in its game as it ranks number 1 most visited website in the world – TikTok Overtakes Google As Most Popular Site In 2021

Earlier this year, Tiktok slashed down other popular domains that outranked it in 2020 such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix, this is in accordance to data from web security company Cloudflare.

TikTok overtakes google as the most popular site in 2021. Google has taken this crown for years now.

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In 2020, TikTok ranked seventh as Google parades no 1. A little help from the covid boost it to out slash major sites that has been around for years.

Since this year, TikTok and Google has been battling for top position, but this time, Google lost the fight.

Ranking now shows TikTok as number 1, Google follows as 2nd, Facebook in third. Microsoft and Apple completed the top five spots. Ranked six was Amazon, followed by Netflix, (7) Youtube (8), Twitter (9) and WhatsApp in 10th.

Being widely popular amongst Young generation, TikTok inspired the launch of other platforms, like the Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and Triller. In September, the viral app said it hit 1 billion monthly active global users.

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