Tips on how to make each Day count

Tips on how to make each Day count


Life can be challenging sometimes. Sometimes, we sit and think after a long busy week on what we have achieved.. But the result to this is normally negative. But worry no more .. After reading this, you will know how to make each day count. Get the most out of the day.

1. Wake up early and get ready

Waking up early is a very good practice. Whether you have somewhere going or not. You need to wake up, eat, take your bath and get ready for anything. Opportunities might smile at your door.

Imagine a friend calling you by 8:45 AM telling you to come to a certain place which might favor you. If you are not ready by 8:45 you will end up missing the opportunity. Getting ready reduces the opportunity of missing any opportunity and gets you prepared to face anything.

2. Exercise every Morning.

Not many know this. But an exercise in the morning boost your confidence level, gives you more energy and makes you ready to face anything. Regular exercise is also healthy. So you have noting to loose exercising but you have everything to gain.

3. Think Positive.

One of the thing that kills our day even before we go to bath in the morning is a negative mindset. You have already condemned the day because of some experience you had yesterday or days before. Having a negative mindset kills everything the day has in stock for you. We all know a popular saying that says “what you believe works for you” it also applies to what you think. Having a positive mindset gives you hope for opportunities yet unseen. And makes you ready to face them.. It leaves you on a path full of hope.

4. Learn something new.

Make sure you learn something new each day.. This helps build your mental and intellectual quotient.

5. Help someone

I don’t know how this might sound but if you have the helping capacity. Make sure you help someone everyday. Ever heard of Kama?. Directly or indirectly.. You will recover all and even more you spend helping people. It opens the door of favor. And this is exactly how it works. Inorder to get what you want . you must grant someone’s want.

6. Seize every opportunity -Be humble and kind

Being humble is the key .. No mater what you have. You need to be humble and kind. Also man sure you seize every opportunity.

If the above steps is carefully applied. You will be left with tons of achievements each day. Tell us how thus helped you in the comment box below..

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