Top 10 Cultist in Nigeria

Top 10 Cultist in Nigeria

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Top 10 Cultist in Nigeria – cult refers to a group of people with similar goals and interest, today we will be sharing with you the Top 10 Cultist in Nigeria

Cultism simply means a group of people with similar interest which could be religious, social, spiritual or otherwise. This group could however, range from a small number of individuals to a large number of people. Its first established appearance was in the old 1930s.Ā  The argument on the true nature of a cult group has been ongoing for over centuries.

Top 20 Cult Groups In Nigerian Universities: Symbols, Coded Names, Slangs & Colours

However with reference to the ever growing nature ofĀ cultism in Nigeria this group is defined as a very violent group of individuals and personalities, whose ethics and views are mostly only understood by a very, very limited number of people. They are a very dangerous group of people prone to all manners of violent practices at the slightest or most insignificant provocation. There are sometimes referred to by the term secret cult as their aims and objectives are main known only to their members alone. Like any organization, they operate in hierarchy as they also have leaders (heads) and sub leaders.

First Cult Group In Nigeria And Founder

TheĀ first cult group in NigeriaĀ was called or referred to as theĀ Pyrates. The origin of this cult group dates back Wole SoyinkaĀ and six other students in 1952.

This group also goes by the name or A.K.A National Association of Sea Dogs. Although this group is reported to have been very harmless in its formative years, its creation eventually led to the establishment of many more cult groups over the years and as the years went by.

These cult groups have mostly become a big menace to society at large as they endanger the lives of not only its members but innocent individuals also, as they mostly made up of power hungry bullies.

These cults are also, however referred to as a confraternity.

Top 10 Cultist in Nigeria

Top 10 Cultist in Nigeria

1. Pyrates Confraternity/ National Association of Sea Dogs

As earlier said, the pyrates confraternity was the pioneer cult group in Nigeria and was set up in 1952 at the University College Ibadan. It was set up by seven strong students referred to as the magnificent seven. Their symbol constitutes an anchor, a skull and two crossed bones.

This cult was never intended to be violent it was meant to be a gathering of people with good or quality academic and intellectual sound minds. From this group, other confraternities came to life.

2. The Buccaneers Confraternity/National Association of Sea Lords

This cult was created and formed by Bolaji Carew who after being expelled from the pyrates in 1972 for falling below the standard for membership of the pyrates, started this group alongside a few other expelled members as they joined forces. This cult however eventually grew to become an arch enemy of its mother cult. Their symbol is a skull flanked on both sides by two machetes and a single bone.

3. The Black Axe / Aye-Axemen

This cult group was established by a group of students in the University of Benin in 1976 as a neo-black movement.

This cult group was aimed at creating a stronghold which could withstand any confrontation on behalf of black students. It is said to be a movement which was started by a group of people from a Neo-black South African organization. Their rules are never to betray, forgive and whoever goes against the rules has to pay the price. Their symbol is a black axe breaking the chains off two black fists. – Top 10 Cultist in Nigeria


4. Supreme Eiye Confraternity/Association of Air Lords

This confraternity goes by either the Supreme Eiye confraternity or also known as Association of Air Lords. It also was established in University of Ibadan in 1965.

The symbol of this group is a black skull with two crossed bones beneath it. They believe in pure discipline and the spirit of brotherhood. The confraternity is believed to have been started to promote self development.

5. Mafia Confraternity/ The family Fraternity-Cosanosyra

The mafia confraternity also refered to as or known as the family fraternity and ciaos sons was founded in 1978. It is structured after the Chicago mafia. Its pioneer members were just eight in number. It started in the University of Ilorin and began functioning in Obafemi Awolowo University exactly two years later. Its pioneer members were eight in number. Its members are referred to as Mafians, they belief in secrecy, revenge and having fun.

6. Kegite Club

This club is the next group on the list; it is hardly considered a confraternity as most people would rather refer to it as or call it a social club.

They do not follow the rules and regulations of other cults but rather stand by their very own rules which one of which is to remain very true to themselves. This group is not of a violent nature as there has hardly been any record of such in the history of its creation. Their symbol is a green palm tree.

7. Supreme Vikings Confraternity/De Norsemen Club of Nigeria

This next groupĀ  was established by three powerful students in the University of Port Harcourt in 1982 who were once a member of the buccaneer confraternity.

Their symbol is made up of a Viking hat, two crossed axes and a boat. They are said to be against ill treatment of people in society and to be a form of defence against certain crimes like kidnapping, terrorism and the likes of it.

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The initiation into this club supposedly takes place ever two years and the conditions for membership which are as follows: potential members should possess a university degree or its equivalent, must make a good and honest living and possess not record of criminal activities in any way. -Top 10 Cultist in Nigeria

Their motto more or less portrays solid violence as it is extremely expects its members to die rather than retreat. Their symbol is a boat and two crossed axes.

8. Two- Two Confraternity/ the Brotherhood of Blood

This cult is considered be of an ill reputation. It started at the Enugu State University.

9. Eternal Fraternal Order of Legion Consortium/Dedy Na Debt

This cult is stated to have been adopted from a cult in the state California. It was established in University of Calabar in the year 1986. Members are called klansmen. Their symbol is that of a human skull supposedly that of a mad man.

They believe and worship a demon god known as or refered to as ogor. They go by the ā€˜all for one and one for allā€™ policy as they stand up for each member and as with all other confraternities, they are sworn to secrecy.

man in a deadly mood, what concerns klansman concerns klansmen, the affairs of klansman before any other thing in life, disagree to agree and others.

Considering the plans and rules laid down by many of these confraternities at inception, it was obvious they originally set out to help people in one way or the other. But along the way their aims and objectives have deviated from what it was originally intended to be, as many of these groups have now become a menace to society. -Top 10 Cultist in Nigeria

10. Black Bra

This is a female confraternity but also a cult in its own different right. The initiation rite into this group is a rather very terrible affair. Members of this cult are always clothed in black down to their underwear. Their symbol is a black color bra.

There are several other cults which can be found in Nigerians all with their various aims and objectives. -Top 10 Cultist in Nigeria

Other confraternities male and female include:

  • scorpion,
  • canary,
  • black cobra,
  • the blood spot,
  • snow men,
  • black cat,
  • red sea,
  • green berets,
  • white angels,
  • golden daughters,
  • pink lady,
  • royal queens,
  • sisterhood of darkness,
  • amazons and others.

Say no to cultism!!!.

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