top 10 sites to read novels online free

top 10 sites to read novels online free

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Are you a story lover who has been wondering if there is a story blog in Nigeria? .. wonder no more, because today, i will be showing you the top 10 sites to read novels online free. is this what you have been searching the World Wide Web for? if yes, then read this post till the end.

Without doubt, literature and story writing is a very old form of entertainment that is still thriving even in the modern age. this is because of it’s interesting nature of captivating the minds of its readers and placing them on suspense.

well, i will reserve the whole literature tutorials for the next post because in this post, i will be leaking the top 10 sites to read novels online free in Nigeria.

top 10 sites to read novels online free

Here is a quick list of the top 10 sites to read novels online free.

  2. Dnb Stories
  7. Wattpad
  8. Light readers
  9. Nairaland Literature Section
  10. Naija Stories

top 10 sites to read novels online free is a very fast rising story blog in Nigeria and one of the top 10 in Africa at Large. Being not just a popular blog, Divplanet parades itself as the home of best African stories, Entertainment and more. well, the blog came to limelight after publishing its very first Crime Original “Wedding Night Gone Wrong”. the story was loved and admired by a lot of Nigerians.
Divplanet was created by Okoye .C. Divine in 2019 and is rising to greater heights.

Divplanet features two episodic stories from different categories every month to give its readers the very best. Accompanied by super interesting short stories, jokes, hacks and Entertainment, Divplanet has however proven to be an authoritative blog in the field of African story telling and fiction. It also allows visitors to post their personal works.

DNB stories:

DNB stories, as the name implies, DNB Stories is a story blog created by a Nigerian writer Daniel Nkado. The site however, is a news and Entertainment site claiming to have good articles written by seasoned writers. The site (from what we gathered) was created to foster the talent of young Nigerian writers out there. Here writers are allowed to post their works and also read the works of other writers.

Futhermore, Daniel Nkado often put up competitions on his site, where everyone who use the site is qualified to be part of.

If you love reading a lot of romantic stories, or you like stories with different chapters just like the ones you find on divplanet, then ebonystory is there for you. One other sticking thing about Ebonystory is that they allow visitors to post their creative works and gain publicity.

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This is website has also emerged one of the best lifestyle and literature blog in Nigeria. was founded by the writer Farida Adamu in December 2014. The website is basically and strictly for lifestyle, blogging and literature.

ZenPens is a blog that has its main focus on writing in general—short stories, poems, articles and many others. It’s a home for different readers.

This website came into existence not long ago and sure has been fulfilling its vow for its viewers as it promise to give them the very best of writing.

Also read: how to make money online in Nigeria is not primarily a site for short stories or poems. But the site has a category that is for short stories and poems. One thing i love about this site is the way they structure their articles. They publish interesting and quality articles about contemporary literature in Nigeria.

Others Include

Light readers
Nairaland Literature Section
Naija Stories

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For now, those are the top 10 sites to read novels online free in Nigeria. I hope those websites were very useful? Do not forget to tell me what you think about them. More so, if there is there any other story blog out there you think didn’t make the list but is very qualified. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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