Travis Scott wants Astroworld lawsuit dismissed – Files First Response of Many

Travis Scott wants Astroworld lawsuit dismissed - Files First Response of Many

The popular Travis Scott wants Astroworld lawsuit dismissed. He believes he should be tied to litigation when it comes to the tragic event that happened at Astroworld. 

Because of this, he demanded that a judge should nix one of the lawsuits against him.

The rapper has filled legal documents obtained by TMZ. He denied claims against him by one Jessie Garcia, who claimed that he was in the crowd at the festival.

Travis is demanding that his suit be dismissed with prejudice. Specifically because of its relationship with himself and his company (Jack Enterprises) and also his foundation/ label (Cactus Jack).

The rapper is issuing a “general denial” which is of coz a legal term in the civil suits that permits one to submit one blanket response to all allegations issued against them.

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Travis made It clear to the public that the deaths and injuries are not his responsibility. And he asked the judge to toss the suit against him and his entities as well.

A source with direct knowledge made it known that Travis is on future plan to issue similar response for all civil suits against him. To which are many.

There was a motion field last week, a combine of 275 cases have been filed into one “multi-district litigation” which would consolidate other suits. This is possible because the cases are similar.

Travis has officially denied all liability through public statement. He said he was not aware of what was going on that night.

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