"Wahala for who no get 4G" Student using 3G phone cries as poor network sweeps Owerri.

“Wahala for who no get 4G” Student using 3G phone cries as poor network sweeps Owerri.

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There is nothing else that annoys students more than not seeing the network to browse with.

Being a student requires more research work, and updates to better diversify your knowledge.. Without these .. You will be lacking in many fields, owing to the fact that we are in a modernised digital economy. 

Through our road side investigations it has reached to our notice that students using 3G network or lower in owerri.. Especially students at fedpoly nekede suffer most as they are temporary unable to tap into the 4G fast network which has been mounted in all conners of the city.. And this has lead to a depreciating point in the number of researches carried out by the students. How will the students enjoy the internet without a fast and steady network? 

Here is a complain made by a student during our road side investigation. And from our research so far .. 75% of the students said almost the same thing.

“did they turn off 3G network. I don’t like this.. How can i have data but unable to use it due to network issues. ” student cries

Here in the city. It seams that only 4G network works perfectly fine… Than other lower networks and students who wish to continue their endless visit to the internet will have to switch to 4G..

Tell us what you think in the comment box below. We will love to know what you think about this. 

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