Ways to monetize social media platform in Nigeria 2022

Ways to monetize social media platform in Nigeria 2022


We use social media everyday without realising that there are Ways to monetize social media platform in Nigeria 2022. If you want make money on social media, then you have to apply these steps. 

Before taking you to the steps, let’s get to know what social media really is and the various social media platforms.

What is social media

Social media is defined as a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities.

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Social media platforms

There are tons of social media platform one can possibly think of, but let’s get to the mainly known ones.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. LinkedIn
  6. YouTube
  7. Tiktok
  8. Etc

Having known the various social media platforms, lets get to the Ways to monetize social media platform in Nigeria 2022

Ways to monetize social media platform in Nigeria 2022

below is a list on how to make money on social media in Nigeria.

1. Become a brand ambassador

There is a large number of brands out there currently on a hunt for social media accounts. If you have a large fan base or engagement rate, you can monetize your social media page by becoming a brand ambassador to these business men. You can start by reaching out to them, then tell them how your page will improve their business. They can partner with you and pay you for it.

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2. Advertise peoples business on your platform

Ways to monetize social media platform in Nigeria 2022

This can sound more like brand ambassadorship, but they are different. Here, you advertise peoples business on your page. You can include link to their website or page or even contact links .. You can charge your clients based on engagement or number of days the advert runs.

3. Affiliate marketing

Online business in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing can never be underestimated. It has indeed brought millions to the accounts of many. Affiliate marketing simply means selling another persons product and getting a commission for it. Commission is usually decided by the company. This means that there is no worldwide fixed commission rate. The company will tell you how much they can pay, its up to you to agree to it or disagree and leave.

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4. Offer premium products/services people can pay for to get.

Are you getting lots of engagements? You can offer premium services to your fans. In this situation, instead of the usual free service, your fan gets to pay for your services. This can be inform of subscription. Where one has to pay to gain access to an exclusive content.

5. Ask for donation from your fans

Make money on social media in Nigeria

You can ask for donations. Here, your fans will support you by sending you money. Donation is done willingly. If your fans refuse to donate, it shouldn’t be a problem to you. Those that has the money will donate to you. You don’t have to force it on them.

6. Teach people what you do in exchange for money

Permit me to conclude that you are a social media influencer. You are reading this post today because you want to monetize your social media platforms. And its only someone that has a social media platforms with lots of followers and engagements will want to monetize it. And that makes you a social media influencer.

As an influencer, you can teach baby influencers what you do (ie; the influencing business) in exchange for money. There are many people out there who are looking forward to be an influencer and you are in a good position to fasten the method do them.

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7. Sell a product or service

With that large fanbase, you can dive into ecommerce. You can sell online. Or you can even advertise your services. If you are good in graphics, you might want to pin what you do in your page so that people will see it and pay you to get them.

8. Become a content developer to other people, brand or organization

Having done it yourself, you can also do it for others who are willing to pay. People needs content and its up to you to give them the right content. Write for them and get paid in cool cash.

9. Improve other peoples platforms in exchange for money

While at the game, you can improve other peoples platform as well. This can be, helping them to gain followers or likes. While you improve other peoples platforms, you get paid.

10. Sell your contents to others

And this is the last but not the least in the list. Your content defines your brand. If you have too much content, you can sell some of them to others for money.

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