Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E1)- A Beauty Exist

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E1)- A Beauty Exist

high School Romance 💕

Episode 1


This is the second season of wedding Night Gone Wrong. Start Reading from the first season here 

17 years later, after the misfortune my Dad passed through as a womanizer. He bravely managed to raise me into a pretty young lady of classic standards. I know many of you would debate that. Who cares?
My name is Kalu Mirabel, and I’m the first daughter of my lovely parents. I would like to give you a full description of my elegant self, but I don’t want to bore you with the looks of me. Even when I know you would melt like ice fish on seeing me face to face hahaha.

I am not the only child of my parents. I have two other siblings Jessica and Joshua. I am older than Jessica with just two years and of coz, Joshua was her direct twin.
Jess as my friends call her, is a lady of trend. She doesn’t miss out on all trending things such as, cloths, shoes, bags and even make up. sometimes I would ask myself if this baby sister of mine wants to turn NIKI MINAJ overnight.

“Jess honey pie can you please pass me one of your pink lip gross, let me show my viewers how to rub lipstick”

“if you know how much I bought these lip gross, you won’t be sitting down with your face glued to the camera asking for lips gross, a special collection all the way from Italy, sitting comfortably at royalties’ boutique opposite banana island Lagos, just to be notice by me. This is the same lip gross Cardi B used on her award winning video. Nikki Minaj and Tiwa Savage is also using the same lips gross. Even Dj Cuppy featured in its advertisement. So please Big sis, tell me why I should give you this lips gross, so you would waste it in front of camera Mtchew, yeye sister. Something that is trending among celebrities, you are asking me to give you. You that don’t have up to 5k followers on your Instagram handle please go and rest joor with your one cup of rice follower’s” said Jessica.

“OMO see savage !!!” Exclaimed Joshua on hearing our conversation.

“Did I forget to say she is rude and also a talkative” I said on an Instagram live stream.
“I heard that” said Jessica
“And also a very mean girl” as Jessica rushed me and shut down my laptop.
She lacks respect right? This Jessica girl I call my sister. Don’t worry , this is just how we live in this house.

Let me not forget Joshua’s path, A handsome, well-built muscular brown skin boy. He inherited his physical features from my Dad and also a little of his womanizing spirit.

“Hey Joshua!! keep your eyes off that ass you are still sixteen” Jessica shouts at Joshua who just noticed our neighbors daughter from the window
“Hey! Jess !!, stop that! I wasn’t looking at her ass” Joshua defended.

This house is just one crazy type.
Having told you something about my two crazy siblings. let me gist you a little about my life.
I believe this story is about me “Mirable” like am the one telling the story right ? whatever…
I am just in ss3,and I am a member of the science class…

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