Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E10)- Crisis

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E10)- Crisis

‏Episode 10


Early in the morning on Sunday, we prepared and went to church. After Sunday service, a man and a woman walked up to greet my parents, Immediately, my Dad gave me an order to take my siblings to the car. I did that and rushed out to eavesdrop.

Williams: Good day Michael, I am glad we meet again

Lucy: its a good thing we attend the same church here in Nigeria

Michael: I could call the police and get you arrested this minute. Leave my path now.

Lucy: you still haven’t gotten over it Michael, its been years now!

Amanda: just like you got over the fact that he choose me over you?

Lucy: Amanda of old, rude as always.

Michael: i don’t like this Williams, take your wife out of the way or I will call the police this minute.

Williams: what makes you think she is my wife, last I checked, you stole my beauty from me.

Amanda: the ring is quite obvious. What exactly do you want now?

Lucy: to take what we left behind

Michael: and what exactly is that?

Williams: let’s talk in a more private place.

He said as he passed a written note to my Dad, then they left. I quickly ran back to the car. Few minutes later, my parents joined us and we drove off.

“What could they possibly want?” I asked myself as I lay on my bed thinking. They want to take what they left behind, what exactly could that be?

I went to the sitting room to get a glass of water as I heard Dad talking over the phone. It was the DPO and he was reporting Lucy and Williams to them. I grabbed my glass of water and headed straight to my room. I got a phone call and it was Gerry. He wants me to come over to his place. I dressed up and sneaked out. The last thing my dad would do is to allow any of us go outside. I really need to see Gerry so I sneaked out.

Right at Gerry’s house, he was alone with his Grandma. A conversation came to life between Gerry and I.

Gerry: thanks for coming

Me: you are welcomed, the last thing I need now is to be in that house. My parents are becoming over protective and frustrated after meeting with two old time friend of theirs.

Gerry: humm.. Looks like this old friend of theirs gave them a bad past.

Me: i don’t know, family issues

Gerry: well, I am glad you came

Me: and why has the King called his queen (I said jokingly)

Gerry: to treat her like the queen she really is (he said as he passed me a glass of wine)

Me: I don’t do alcohol, you should have known this by now.

Gerry: its just 5% Mira, its a good wine and I want you to taste it, Its my personal favorite.

Me: so sorry, I won’t be able to taste this favorite of yours, I don’t do 0.5% not to talk of 5%. Please give me something soft, your queen is loosing her thirst ( I said as he passed me a cold glass of orange juice )

Me: thank you my King

Gerry: you are welcomed my queen.

Me: (pauses, as i sip the orange juice) how is your health Gerry?

Gerry: I’m fine

Me: I am so sorry I didn’t come to visit you. I won’t be able to look at you in that state knowing full well i was the cause of what happened. The guilt was much on me. I am very sorry for not being there when you needed me the most.

Gerry: its not a problem Mira, Daniel took good care of me.

Me: (shocked) Daniel??

Gerry: yes, he was with me the whole time, from the hospital to my house when I was discharged. We got really close and i got to know him more. He is not bad like i taught him to be, especially when it was obvious he wanted to steal you from me.

Me: hum.. Sounds interesting.

Gerry: I love you Mira, and i don’t want to loose you.

Me: I love you too Gerry.

Gerry: I am happy to hear that, whats up with you and Daniel.

Me: noting, he is just a friend. He has been avoiding me ever since.

Gerry: Good thing he is keeping to his promise.

Me: what promise?

Gerry: he promised to stop his silly games. He said he would let you be and stop disturbing you. I told him how we used to vibe together. I told him about us and he promised not to destroy what God has joined together.

Me: (I said to myself in a low tune) no wonder he resisted me.

Gerry: what? .. What did you say?

Me: noting, not important.

Gerry: “no wonder he resisted you” can you explain what you mean by that?

Me: you heard me earlier, why ask me again?

Gerry: to be sure I heard clearly.

Me: promise not to freak out if I tell you

Gerry: i promise

Me: (takes a deep breath) I forced him to have $ÂŁx with me but he resisted.

Gerry:Jesus Christ! Mira!!

Me: its not my fault, I was having these strange feelings. It was much on me and I couldn’t help it. Daniel is attractive and all that, I was seduced by his looks.

Gerry: you are so unbelievable (he said with a look of disappointment)

Me: i am sorry, i didn’t know what I was thinking, I promise it won’t happen again.

Gerry: do you know that what you did was literally throwing yourself at him. You made yourself a loose woman for that moment.

Me: i understand that, and I promise to be a better person.

Just then, we heard a knock on the door and it was Daniel, he came in happy as Gerry looked at him in disgust and left to his room.

“What’s with him” Daniel asked. “I told him about the other day” I said.

“Outch!” He exclaimed. I tried to follow Gerry but Daniel advised me to let him cool his temper for some time. He promised to talk to him later, then i left.

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