Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E11)- Grounded

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E11)- Grounded

Episode 11


“And where exactly are you coming from Mirabel” I heard my dad ask as I tried to sneak inside.

“Nowhere, just went to complete my assignment at a friend’s house” I lied.

“Which of your friends?” He asked. I wasn’t expecting the question but I have to pop out a name to make my lie believing.

“Em.. Su…san” I stammered.

“Susan and Emily came here few minutes ago looking for you. How many times will I warn you not to lie to me Mirabel ! ”

My dad said with anger in his voice. He has never raised his voice at me like that before, i was scared.

“I am so sorry Dad, I just went to Gerry’s place”

“You go to a man’s house alone Mirabel, do you know how dangerous that is?”

“I am sorry dad, I just wanted to…”

He cuts in

“You just what?, no matter how important what you want to do is, you don’t go to a man’s house alone. There is high chance of rape or you could even be drugged”

“But Dad, Gerry is a responsible boy” I defended.

“You don’t know how responsible he is till he shows you his true color. You are grounded for two weeks”

“Dad, two weeks??” I lamented.

“Yes, and without your phone. Drop the phone in my room immediately. The driver will take you to school and bring you back, you are not to step out of this house, if you disobey my orders, it will be extended to two months with additional home duties. Have I made myself clear”

“Yes Dad” I said with a sad mood as i leave to my room. Just as I was leaving, my phone rang.

“And who is calling? Hand that phone  over to me” he ordered, I passed the phone to him.

“Daniel?, the same Daniel you are so mad about right?” He said as he picked the call and switched it to loud speaker.

“Hey Mira, hope you reached safely” Daniel said.

“This is Mirabel’s father on the line, who am I speaking with?” My Dad replied. I could hear Daniel panic as he disconnected the call.

“He doesn’t even have the courage to speak to me, this is the kind of people you keep as friends Mira, I taught you went to see Gerry, why is Daniel calling” he asked.

“Daniel visited Gerry minutes before I was about to leave”

“Ah!! A planned threesome”

“Da..d!, its noting like that” I said.

“You have been grounded for 3 weeks. The extra one week is for not telling me about Daniel”

“Dad.. ! Its not fair” I complained.

“You are lucky I am not like other Nigerian parents. You won’t see the mouth to say its not fair because they will be flooded with strokes of the Cain. Will you run to the kitchen and help your mother this instant” he said.

I quickly ran to my room and luck the door in anger.

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Wedding night gone wrong 2

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