Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E12)- The meeting

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E12)- The meeting

Episode 12

The meeting

Who still use letters in this 21st century? I taught, when I heard a bell on the door. I opened the door only to see the letter at the doorsteps, it was not sealed so i quickly took a quick peep at it, it wrote.

“The location I gave to you earlier, 6:00pm today, don’t be late. I am only here for peace, so don’t involve the police or there would be consequences”

I quickly put the letter back in its envelope and went straight to hand it over to my Dad.

My Dad’s mood changed immediately after reading the letter. He asked me to leave the room but inquisitive me can’t help but eavesdrop.

Amanda: you are definitely not attending that meeting

Michael: I have to, to find out what they want

Amanda: then, you are going with the police

Michael: can’t you read the letter, it says, no police or there would be consequences. I don’t want to know what these consequences are, so its better we keep to their terms.

Amanda: you would be walking straight into a trap

Michael: he said he comes in peace.

Amanda: are you kidding me? You can’t trust a word they say.

Michael: I know, but we don’t have a choice (pauses for some seconds)

Amanda: I will follow you

Michael: no, no. You will stay here with the kids, I will call the police to enforce maximum security around the house.

Amanda: if anything should happen to you Michael, I won’t be able to bear …

Michael: (cuts in) noting is going to happen dear.

My Dad said as he plants a kiss on my Mum’s forehead. Still peeping through the Keyhole, I could see my Dad come towards the door, so I ran to my room immediately.

Is my dad really walking straight to a trap just like my mum said?, is he in danger?. The last thing I would do is to let anyone harm my dad. I checked the time and it was 5:58pm. Two minutes remaining, I have to do something. I quickly ran to the sitting room. My dad’s phone was lying on the table unlocked, I took the dpo’s number and saved it on my phone. I noticed my dad coming out from the rest room and heading to his room to grab his car keys, so I quickly ran to the car and hid at the boot.

My Dad came out, entered the car and drove off. I know that what I am doing is the most stupid idea ever, but I won’t just sit at home and watch the man I love very much walk into a trap. I am a little girl with a big brain, and trust me, if my plan works, Williams and Lucy or whatever they call themselves will definitely be locked behind bars before the sun sets tomorrow. “You can’t just come and mess with the Kanu’s family and go free, you must be stupid if you think that” I said to myself.


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