Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E13)- The meeting 2

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E13)- The meeting 2

Episode 13

The meeting 2

My Dad drove to a deserted building, came out of the car and walked into it. I quickly sent a text message I was typing in the boot to the DPO. It reads:

“Mr Kanu Michael has taken a bold step to meet with people you long to catch, Williams and Lucy. Don’t call Michael now or there would be consequences, also don’t call this line. If you want to capture these two, stay alert and wait for my signal. Come with your boys and stay close to the popular hotel in Lagos. Wait for my signal. I repeat, don’t call Michael or this number. Source: Unknown”

After I hit the send button, I quickly stepped out of the car and followed my Dad. I was sneaking around so he won’t notice I was following him. We got to a point, then he stopped.

I quickly sent a message to my mum using an unknown number. This is the second Sim on my phone which i use only for browsing/ data service. My parents don’t have that line stored on their device, so it was easy for me. I won’t want my mum noticing I left the house.

” this is an unknown person trying to help you. In 5 minutes from now, i will call you. Michael said I should inform you that his phone is connected with the tracker software in his laptop. Open it and track the location. If after 30 minutes, you don’t hear from me, send the location to the DPO, call him and tell him to engage. Don’t call this number or Michael’s number. ”

Now everything is in place, all I have to do now is to wait for the right time.

“Michael! Michael!! Michael!!!” I could hear a distant voice call out to my dad.

“Make it snappy” my dad replied.

“Have a seat” I heard the voice say, its Williams. A conversation ensured between the two.

Michael: what do you want?

Williams: I said, have a seat.

Michael: (pulls the seat and sat comfortably)

Williams: I know we must have had a bad past Michael, that is why I have come to make things right.

Michael: the only moment things will be right is when you sit behind bars facing the consequences of what you have done.

Williams: just like I made you face yours years ago?

Michael: (rise with anger, about to give Williams a thunderous blow)

Williams: Watch it Michael, I have only come in peace, keep those fist behind and stop arguing, let’s talk like men.

Michael: spill the beans Williams.

Williams: (laughs) spill the beans?. Its not like I have any secret, this is something you and I know very well.

Michael: then stop beating around the bush and remind me.

Williams: I am here for my Child.

Michael: which child?

Williams: stop playing dumb games with me Michael, I had unprotected $ÂŁx with your wife on your wedding day, and at exactly nine months, she gave birth.

Michael: ha ha ha! Ha! Ha! (Laughs furiously)is that why you made me come all the way from my house to this building?. now get this straight, Amanda had a miscarriage after we got her out from your custody. Just as if heavens knew that this day would come, it has flushed whatever evil seed you tend to germinate.

Williams: bla, bla, bla. Nice story, but sorry, I am not buying it.

Michael: I will leave this instant if this is the only thing you have to say. I believe this meeting has ended.

Williams: just before you go story composer, how would you explain this? (He said as he passed a document to Michael)

Williams: you see Michael, i hate it when you play dumb with me. That document before you is a DNA test of me and Mirabel and it tested positive.

(“God forbid” I said to myself)

Michael: and how did you know about my daughter

Williams: you are a social media influencer Mike, everything about you is on the Internet, before you ask me how i got the samples, I have an adopted son who happens to attend the same school with my beloved daughter Mirabel, and guess what!.. They are in the same class.


This was too much for me to take in, first it was this evil man claiming to be my father, now an adopted son in the same class with me. I quickly started thinking till I remembered the phone call Daniel made earlier, he was telling his father not to come back that it wasn’t the right time. that same day, mum came back claiming to see Lucy and Williams at the airport. Daniel has also told his dad to let the girl be. Was I the girl he was talking about? .. Its now making sense to me. No wonder he was frustrated when he knew I was eavesdropping on him. He has also told his dad that the plan was going well. He also said “that was before, but now, she is an innocent girl dad. Leave her out of this” what could this mean?

does this mean that Daniel is Williams adopted son?

Just as my head was processing all these, my phone left my hands and hit the floor. It created a sound that drew the attention of Dad and Williams.

Michael: Mirabel !!! (Screamed in shock)

Williams: look what we have here, you brought my little girl with you.

Immediately, Williams made a sign and a group of armed men came out and took me away, pointing gun at my dad and causing him to sit still. Police siren was heard in the background, then Williams said.

“I told you not to involve the police or there would be consequences”

He pulled his gun after making this statement and shot my dad ..

” No oo oo ….Da…….d !! ” I screamed.


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Wedding night gone wrong 2

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