Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E14)- Michael is dead

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E14)- Michael is dead.

Episode 14

Michael is dead

Police siren heard in the background, shooting from east and west, my dad crying out in pains and with anger in my heart, I unleased my fingers into the eyes of the armed man carrying me, he shouted in pains as I broke free of his tight arms, I ran with fear of being shot. Then I heard an order by Williams. “Don’t shoot” he said.

This motivated me to run even faster and faster and faster. I ran as fast as I could, not till a dark figure grabbed me from behind.

“No..oo!” I cried as I kicked and screamed. But I noticed that his firm was getting stronger. I looked up to see his face and it was the DPO.

“Be still little girl, its the police” he said.

“Where is my Da…” Before I could finish the question, the dpo handed me over to one of his men and he took me to the car.

“Is my dad alive?” I asked.

“Yes, he is being rushed to the nearest hospital, you are safe with us here. Don’t worry, noting will happen to your dad, I promise.” The man said as he drove off.

I came home to receive serious beating from my mother. “What were you thinking foolish girl” she said. She quickly rushed out of the house to the hospital after giving me the beating of my life.

“Have i done the wrong thing? What have I done?” I asked myself. I was only trying to protect my Dad, my plans were working as planned. If and only if, I wasn’t disconnected with the things that evil man said, if only his words didn’t shatter my consciousness, those evil people would have been behind bars by now. But wait..

Why is it that the police always come with a siren. Someone needs to tell them that their siren is causing more harm than good. If only those siren were off, my dad won’t be shot by this evil man that claimed to be my father. God forbid.

I am definitely going to kill Daniel for this, he knew about this, all these while and kept quiet. I still find it difficult to believe that Daniel is the brain behind all these. Daniel?

Come to think, I even fell in love with him. God! I forced the idiot to be intimate with me. Thank God he resisted, because i won’t have forgiven myself if that ever happened. Why would Daniel betray me like this? My cute Daniel, my crush, I am heartbroken right now, I am shattered.

I could hear my siblings argue, they are curious to know what has happened, but because I was in pains, they don’t know how to approach me. Few minutes latter, I heard a knock on the door. Its Joshua and his twin sister, Jessica. I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable with my tears, so i quickly wiped them before opening the door.

“I am so sorry Mira, you shouldn’t have left the house, everybody was worried about you” Joshua said as he drew closer to give me a warm brotherly hug.

“Mum was so mad, I have never seen her like that before” Jessica said.

I had to draw them closer, I stylishly changed the topic and told them a story. We played and had fun. Few minutes later, they both fell asleep on my bed.

It was 10:30pm and my parents were not back home. I was worried, I picked up my phone and called my Mum. She picked it up and told me to take care of my siblings and lock the doors and windows. She also told me that some security men would be safeguarding the house. She warned me not to open the door to anyone, no matter what. She was still talking, then the next thing I heard was her calling out to the doctor. Looks like she kept her phone without disconnecting as she rushed to speak with the doctor.

Amanda: Doctor! Doctor!, how is my husband

Doctor: Mrs Kanu, from the surgery, we were able to remove two bullet, one from his right chest and the other from his left lower abdomen.

Amanda: oh my God!, doctor how is he now

Doctor: I am sorry Mrs Kanu, we tried our best but he didn’t make it.

At the sound of that, my phone left my hands to meet a dangerous collision with the tiled floor. I fell on the ground with tears rolling down my cheeks. What have I done? .. I killed my Dad! No oo!! I cried.


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Wedding night gone wrong 2

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