Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E15)- The Nightmare

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E15)- The Nightmare

Episode 15

The Nightmare

This is the worst day of my life, i made a stupid decision that took the life of my father, what will I tell Joshua and Jessica? Still rolling and crying on the floor, my dad appeared to me, I was shocked. then he said, “don’t be afraid Mira, its me” I was shaking in fear.

“I am not dead Mira, I only traveled to the other side, come darling, join me let’s travel together” he said as he stretched out his hands. I was about grabbing his hands when I heard a voice from behind.

“Don’t do it, don’t do it Mirabel. Your father is dead and gone forever, if you take his hands, you will join him in the land of the dead” my mum warned.

I was about to move towards my mum when I heard another voice.

“Save us Mira” I looked and it was Joshua and Jessica. I don’t know how it happened but Lucy and Williams has broken into the house and is now holding my siblings captive. Still don’t know what to do, I looked right only to see Gerry and Daniel beside each other. Gerry was telling me to follow him and run away, he said he would make me forget everything and start life afresh.

“He will only kill you if you follow him, he will kill you just like he killed your dad” Daniel said from behind.

What is happening to me? What am I seeing? In front of me is my Dad, telling me to follow him to the other side, at my back is my Mum telling me not to follow him. At my left, my sister and brother about to be killed by Lucy and Williams. Then at my right is Daniel and Gerry. Gerry Promising me heaven and earth, then Daniel, telling me that Gerry is evil.

The voices were much, echos of horror, and then a lightening.

I finally reached out to my Dads hands, and immediately, Daniel pulled me out. Gerry brought out his sword and pierced it through my Mums chest, ripping her heart out. No! I shouted, my Dad left me and rushed my mum, he grabbed her and disappeared. Daniel passed me a sword and whispered to me. “Let’s end this, its time to save your siblings”

I quickly joined Daniel as we battle Lucy and Williams. Joshua broke hold of Williams and I pierced a sword into his heart from the back. Lucy was caught and killed by Daniel, now Gerry is left.

“I am innocent Mira, Daniel is evil. I am the only thing standing in his way of killing you now, remember, he is the Brainbox behind all these, he is the step son of the man that killed your father, he knew all these while and refused to tell you. It was all part of his plan, he is your Nightmare. Destined to kill you. If you kill me now, he will end you and your siblings”

“Don’t listen to a word he says” Daniel advised.

“Daniel is it true?” I asked.

He turned and looked into my eyes, placing his two hands on my cheeks. He couldn’t say anything.

“I know you have been deceiving me all these while, you Monster !!” I said as I pierced my sword into his stomach and ripped his abdomen apart. Immediately, Gerry made a wicked laugh, he killed Joshua and Jessica, just as he was coming for me, i heard a knock on the door, i opened my eyes and walked to the door, I opened it as a bright light splashed into my eyes.

“No! Don’t come it, you are dead” i shouted.

“What are you saying Mira?, go and get me cold water from the fridge” my Mum ordered. It was then i realised that i have been dreaming since after the phone call with my mum.

“But I heard the doctor, he said you didn’t make it” I asked still confused.

“Is that why you cried your eyes out? Your eyes are swollen. I am here now, i am not dead. Get your mum the cold water and come and hear the full gist” my Dad said.

“Which gist?.. You are definitely going to get a quick rest now!” My mum ordered.


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Wedding night gone wrong 2

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