Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E16)- Daniel or Gerry

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E16)- Daniel or Gerry

Episode 16

Daniel or Gerry

From what my mum said, at the time when the doctor said my dad couldn’t make it, a nurse ran out of the emergency room to tell the doctor that my dad just started breathing and responding to treatment. According to the Doctor, it was a miracle as he confessed its something he has never seen before since he started his career as a doctor. That was how my dad made it. Now I am relieved.

Its Monday morning and I am in the car with my Dad’s driver. My dad advised me to stay away from all the boys in our class till William’s step son is fished out. But it looks like I know who the step son is and he is the first person I would be going after immediately I reach school. “Daniel! You will feel the wrath of my fist today!” I said to myself.

The driver dropped me in school. It was very early in the morning, we are yet to have the morning assembly as i sight Daniel walking into the class room, I rushed him like a hungry lion ready to devour its prey. Gerry was behind calling out to me but I ignored him. “Gerry leave this case, this is my fight” I said to myself.

Me: you evil soul, you had the guts to come to school today after what your dad did yesterday.

Daniel: (looks confused) what are you talking about Mira?

Me: don’t even play dumb with me, you hypocrite!!!

Daniel: (looks more confused with mouth open) Mira! I won’t stand and watch you insult me, what is this all about?

Gerry: (rushed in) hey! Hey! Can everybody calm down.

Me: stay out of this Gerry, this is my fight!

Gerry: what fight

Me: where is your dad Daniel?

Daniel: this is very weird, why are you asking?

Me: will you shut up and answer the  god da*med question.

Gerry: Mira stop

Daniel: my dad died a long time ago, now you hurt me, are you OK?

Me: i am just getting started, by the time I am done with you, you would be gasping for breath.

Gerry: Mira, can we see outside

Me: Now let me rephrase Daniel.. Where is your STEP DAD

Daniel: Gerry, what on earth is wrong with her?

Me: do you have a step dad or not? Answer me now

Daniel: yes I do! And he just came back from the united states resting in the comfort of his house, what is your problem with that? (He shouts)

Me: you basta*dious son !


I said as I was about to feed Daniel my raw fist. Gerry grabbed me and took me outside the class

“Is everything OK up there?” The principal asked from downstairs

“Yes ma” Gerry replied

“You should have allowed me to teach that fool a lesson”  I said to Gerry.

“Calm down Mira, breath!” Gerry said

“You are looking for Williams right?” He continued

“Yes! Daniel’s step dad. That monster has caused great harm to my family”

Gerry: I am sorry Mira

Me: no need to be sorry, allow me to teach Daniel a lesson first. That fool knew about this and didn’t tell me about it. instead, he played me to fall in love with him just so he would use me to enter my Dad.

Gerry: I am the one you should be fighting

Me: and what do you mean by that?

Gerry: Williams…(pauses for a second) ..Williams is my step dad. (He said with tears rolling down his cheeks)

I was shocked, dumb and embarrassed, I couldn’t say anything. I just stood and looked at Gerry in disappointment. He came closer and whispered to me “i am so sorry Mira, for not telling you earlier, for not letting you know and for taking advantage of your love. Don’t think about me, don’t cry for me, don’t look for me because i would be long gone. Daniel is a good man, he doesn’t deserve the wrath of your fist, I do”

Just as he said this, he ran out of the school in tears.

“Ger…ry!” I called out to him in tears but he kept running and running and running till I could see him no more.

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Wedding night gone wrong 2

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