Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E17)- Williams is captured-Lucy apprehended

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E17)- Williams is captured-Lucy apprehended

 Episode 17

Williams is captured-Lucy apprehended

I was sad through out the school period, after school, I apologized to Daniel, then I told him everything. He was shocked. He told me that Gerry has always hated his dad but he refused to tell him why. How he spoke to him, the call and all that.

Daniel also remembered when he saw my comb at Gerry’s place, but he claimed I came to his house and forgot it there. That must have been how he got the samples for the DNA.

According to Daniel, Gerry has been trying to stop his dad from coming back to Nigeria but the man was so persistent. He was surprised to see his step dad at his doors after I opened the door. He became angry and furious, he even tried to chase his step father out of the house. Daniel had to leave the two to sort things out, his step dad will also be arriving that same day.

The boys were actually thinking of a perfect welcome party for Daniel’s step dad when Gerry’s step dad walked through the door to spoil the lovely moment.

Daniel’s Dad has booked a date earlier before the actual arranged date. That was why Daniel was insisting he should not come back because it was obvious there won’t be enough time to prepare his welcome party. Daniel’s step dad jokingly said he was coming back to deal with their arrogant neighbor who Daniel’s mother has laid complains against. But Daniel taught he was serious, that was why he told his dad to leave the girl out of it.

I misunderstood Daniel’s call that day, now This is one disadvantage of eavesdropping on peoples conversations. You might get a wrong impression of what they are saying. Daniel can be romantic and all that, but he is a highly disciplined young guy. And I think that was what attracted me to him in the first place.. (Pls let’s not talk about the kiss lol)

After school, we left and I went home only to meet my parents in a happy mood. I asked them what the laughter was all about and my Dad told me that Williams and Lucy are in prison serving their jail terms. Finally, the two evil people has been captured. “But how did it happen?” I asked.

My dad narrated ” we got a call from an unknown number few hours ago. He said we should get the police ready and come to an unknown location he sent us. We reached there to meet Lucy and Williams. It was their safe house and they claimed someone busted them. Williams said that the only person that knows about them is their step son and he promised to kill him when next they meet, but that won’t be possible because he is never coming out of prison. He was sentenced life in prison immediately after his capture. I won’t allow any other loose strings, not when I have those idiots in police custody. The young boy that helped us capture these criminals left without revealing who he is. My God will continue to bless and keep him safe. I pray”

“Gerry!.. Its Gerry” I said to myself as I rushed out of the house. I went to Gerry’s apartment but he was long gone. He left with his Grandma and he  was nowhere to be seen. His number wasn’t going through and he has blocked me on all social media platforms. I saw Daniel at Gerry’s place, he was coming to check on him.

“He is long Gone” I said crying.

Daniel: I can’t reach him, and he has suddenly disappeared on social media.

Me: that is because he is gone forever, at the time he confessed to me, he told me not to look for him, not to cry for him and not to think about him. He is gone, he is out of my life forever Danny! .. The man I love left me to perish (I cried)

Daniel: I am so sorry Mira (he said as he draws closer to curdle me)

Me: he exposed his step parents hideout, and got them behind bars, he made things right and now he is gone, what will I do without Gerry (I cried)

Daniel: (sees Gerry in tears at a corner, tries to speak…)

Gerry: (to Daniel) shuuu! (Walks away in tears and dropped a note)

Daniel: (curdles Mira and consoles her, walks her home as he picked the note, it reads ‘take good care of her’ )

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Wedding night gone wrong 2


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