Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E18)- Happy ending – so i taught

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E18)- Happy ending – so i taught

 Episode 18

Happy ending – so I taught

Seven years later, I have just graduated as a microbiologist in one of the best universities in the united states. I came out with the best grade. When you talk Mira, you talk the best. You know what I am saying lol!

My brother Joshua is now a lawyer in one of the notable court of law in Nigeria. On the other hand is Jessica, she found a career in her trendies, she took after her father as a social media influencer and celebrity stylist. When you talk fashion, Jessica is your best plug.

Now that education is a success, its time to bring the man of my dreams home. My true love, my sugar plump, the cockroach in my cupboard, the sugar in my tea, my able crush, Mr handsome, he is everything to me, my lost but found love. He is here, standing before my dad, wishing not to be among the many my dad labeled “unsuitable” for her princess.

“You have been a responsible boy from childhood, that which you refused to destroy is now your golden pride. You refused to get in there when you had the chance, now, I am sorry…

“What is my dad sorry about? Don’t even say no because I am ready to flee with him to an unknown land just to be with my love” i said to myself.

Michael continued ” i am sorry because you will have no other choice now than to take this lovely opportunity to get in there. I approve of your union Daniel, I give you my blessings”

“Yes! ” I screamed in excitement

“With due respect sir, can you critically explain what you mean by ‘get in There’ ” Daniel said as we all laughed out loud.

Daniel is a successful computer scientist, we studied in the same school in the united states, This was through to the influence of his step dad who lives in the states. He took good care of me, it’s a good thing we are getting married.

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Wedding night gone wrong 2

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