Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E19)- The Last Fight

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E19)- The Last Fight

 Episode 19

The last fight

Traditional marriage, Done and dusted as the wedding is almost becoming a success.

Night draws nearer and as the ceremony was about to end, its time for the presentation of gifts. A young handsome, fair, hairy man drove in his state of the arts Mercedes benz to the wedding venue. He stepped out of the car with a beautiful gift in his hands.

“Oh! My God, its Gerry” Daniel said

I rushed him and gave him a big hug. Tears of joy rushed down my cheeks “I have missed you Gerry” I said.

“You just disappeared, no call, no text message, you hurt me” I continued.

“I am here now, wipe those tears. Its your wedding day, co’ mon, nobody cries on their wedding day” Gerry said.

“I know, i am so happy to see you, and for crying out loud, on my wedding day! I am so excited” I expressed my feelings.

“I told you not to be late on my wedding day young man” Daniel said as he comes to give Gerry a friendly hug.

” so you knew about his where about and you didn’t tell me Daniel!.. You are evil ” I said jokingly as we laughed out loud.

” I met him at the supermarket in the united states, he made me promise to keep his identity a secret till today. Have a nice stay friend, you are welcomed.” Daniel said.

“My Gerry, my love” I said as Daniel looked at me in a jealous way.

” I am just joking lover boy! .. Look at his face, he is jealous already ” I said as we laughed out loud.

Gerry presented his gift as others presented theirs too. He gifted us with a brand new duplex in Banana island, Lagos. He owns the best construction company in the whole of Africa. He was well established.

The wedding has come to an end, its night already and time for Daniel and I to go and have a lovely wedding night, just until I heard my dad from behind.

Michael: see who broke out of prison.

Williams: I am glad we meet again Michael.

Immediately, my dad pulled out a gun and threw it at Williams. This was the toy gun he sized from two children fighting over it.

Williams dogged the gun and stabbed Gerry on his right arm. “I broke out of prison just to end your life, you irresponsible child. You choose this people over the man that picked you from the ghetto and raised you” Williams said.

“I didn’t choose them over you dad, I only choose good over evil” he said as he kicked Williams, removed the knife from his arm and tried to stab Williams, but he stopped.

” I am not a murderer like you dad, repent and know peace” he said.

Just as he was about to leave, Williams tried to stab him with another knife from his pocket as I rushed him with a sharp object beside me and pierced it into his chest from the back.

” Not again will I stand and watch you try to take away the lives of people I love DAD” I said as i twisted the object in his chest with anger, he fell and died instantly.

Daniel rushed and grabbed me. i felt sad but I was happy, because i have brought Justice and peace of mind to my parents. no matter what happens, DNA or no DNA, Michael Kanu is the only DAD I know.

Police sirens were heard in the background.


I taught I told someone to warn the police about these siren.


They came and handcuffed me, pushed me into the car and about to leave.

“Don’t worry Mira, I will not allow you spend a second in that station” Joshua assured.

“Do you have anything Jess” Gerry asked.

“If I didn’t get the whole video footage of what happened, why am I called a social media influencer.” Jessica defensed as my Dad pulled out his phone and called the dpo. Before the police could start the engine, they have already been ordered to set me free and come back with the dead body.

Daniel and I drove to our place of peace to spend our wonderful wedding night.

“Hope you won’t resist me this time romeo” I said in a sexy tune as I crawled on top Daniel who laid on the bed with his large sized cucumber.

“A beauty like you, I will only crave” he said ..

The end.

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Wedding night gone wrong 2

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