Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E2)- The Challenge

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E2)- The Challenge

high School Romance 💕



As a fully grown lady, packaged in both front and back, light skinned as sexy curves lay on both sides of my hips, which makes me a true definition of what they call figure eight. a beautiful brown eyes, oval shaped face and a little pink lips. I am also the top in class. Nobody shares the first position in class with me, not even almighty Daniel.

Daniel is a handsome, chocolate tall guy who just joined us this term. the girls in my class crave for him but I don’t care. like, am not even seeing him, not until he slashed me down on our general first summative test, he came first in the test leaving second place for me, ”me? almighty Mira second place!! it shocked me ohh!!! he didn’t just do that , he also passed me on 5 subject which were math, physics, chemistry, biology, and English, ‘Wait!!! English?? Me that is Miss phonetics that useless Daniel of a boy passed me in English. he is really in for competition. “all hope is not lost, test is not exam. I will still pass him” I assured myself.

After the announcement of the test result. Daniel who has been making advances on me to like him which has felt abortive walked up to me and said “I heard you are the goddess here. All knowing Mirabel right” I just passed u with a sum total of 58 marks, excluding the 10 and 5 bonus marks I get in class regularly. well, let me see how you will pass that”.
I walked out of him angrily as he finished that statement I automatically added his name on my list of enemies. I would not talk to him again or even look at him.

After somedays, I was hurriedly walking on the school passageway rushing to catch a class as I mistakenly bumped into him.

“Am so sorry” I said, as I tried to pick his book which was scattered on the floor.

“it’s okay” he said as he also tried to pick my book. We rose together staring at each other, just then, a group of junior students ran across and pushed me, I tried to fall as he caught me and pulled me close to his arms.

“thanks for that” I said
“You are welcomed” he replied as he walks closer. I tried to move back but I was already pushing against the wall, he moved closer as he placed his right hand on the wall and moved his head closer as if he wants to kiss me. I was nervous and shy so I closed my eyes.

“I just want to apologies for what I said to you the other day. You have been giving me hot shoulders since I came to this school. So I did that just to annoy you a bit and also hope to be friends with you” he said.

“well I’m not interested in your friendship. you challenged me the other day bragging with ordinary 50 marks. I will be glad to tell you that I have covered 48 marks from the previous assignments I have been beaten you on. Looks like someone has stopped reading. Let me now place my own challenge. Come first position this term and you have earned yourself a full date with me. I know that’s what you want right?? I said as I left

“You are one mean girl” he echoed
Judging from my statistics in the past, it’s practically impossible for anyone to come first when I am a member of that class, I am known for that position I know Daniel won’t make it that’s why I placed the challenge. Just because he passed me in test doesn’t mean he would pass me in exam. Who does he think he is?” I asked.
Few weeks later, the season of examination was fast approaching. It’s remaining just three days for the exam to commence. I can see Daniel preparing so hard, I pity him, even if his brain capacity is multiplied by ten, he still won’t beat me in this exam.

My boyfriend on the other hand, was already fully prepared for the exams, all he does now is to deceive the other boys in his class into playing football with him or video game at his house. WAIT!!! Did I forget to tell you I had a boyfriend?

Of course I have a boyfriend. His name is Gerry and he is a member of the Art class. Also the brightest student in his class though he came 3rd last section. I threatened to break up with him if he doesn’t make me proud this section. I don’t know if you feel the same but there is this vibe I love about being the top in class.
Gerry is a tall handsome light skin boy with a strong round face, huge, muscular and very hairy. He is exactly my Spec. my heart skips anytime I see him coming.

“Hey! Mira, what are you reading?” Gerry said as he took a seat and sat next to me.
“it’s just physics” I replied
“you and this your science stuff, come lets hangout a bit” he optioned.
“No Gerry, I have a challenge to win” I replied.
“so it’s true, you are really going to date him if he comes first this term” he asked.

“That’s why I’m reading to make sure he doesn’t. the poor boy has been making advances on me, so as a good girl, I don’t want to break his little heart by saying no directly to his face. By losing the challenge, which he will lose, he will do that himself and leave me for good.” I said.
“but what if you don’t make it this time. You will have to date him, so what happens to us?” Gerry complained.

“don’t worry dear, I will make it. Don’t you trust me again?” I assured.
“I do, just that…”
“shuu… you are not losing me dear, talk no more, this case has already been settled” I said as I implanted a hot kiss on his lips then he left.
I noticed Daniel at a corner, he has been listening to our conversations.
“you didn’t tell him you are losing already” Daniel said

“Didn’t you mother tell you not to eves drop on people’s conversations. Why are you such a pest?” I replied

“last I checked, I’m still winning with 10marks” he said.
“And so? Why does your presence irritate me?” I asked.
“maybe because you have refused to give this innocent boy a chance to prove himself”
“I have a boyfriend Danny”
“And so? Did I ask to be your boyfriend? ever since I came to this school, you have been avoiding me in every possible way. And I want to know why… Now”
“that’s because I hate you”
“that’s a lie Mira. You might be saying it but your body language says a different thing”
“how do you mean Daniel”

“the other day at the hallway, you were nervous when I held you and you closed your eyes when I came closer, that’s not a sign of hate”
“please I beg you, leave me alone” I said.

“just answer my question. Why are you treating me like this?”
There was silence for some seconds then I started;
“Danny, you are a handsome young guy every lady will crave for. In addition to that, you are tall and intelligent. I felt nervous that day because I taught I was going to fall down. Me closing my eyes that day doesn’t mean anything, I just felt defenseless and … and …”
“and what Mira”

“I don’t know, please stop asking” I pleaded.
“but I need to know…” he was cut by the sound of the dismissal bell. I hurriedly parked my books and left.

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