Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E3)- The Exams

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E3)- The Exams

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Episode 3

The exams

Few weeks later, the exams have been finalized and the day of collection of results is here. I was nervous, my friends Emily and Susan were already at my house waiting for me so we will go together to school.

“am afraid” I said.

“afraid of what Mira” Susan asked

“the bet I made with Danny. What if he comes first, how would I face Gerry?” I asked.

“something that has not happened for the past decade don’t worry Mira, Daniel is not that intelligent to take your birthright away from you.” Emily said.

“is this you? Why is the mighty troubled? don’t tell me you no longer have courage in yourself” said Susan.

“am not afraid, Danny is too small for me. I will surely pass him this I know” I assured myself.

We were already in school. Danny approached me, but I shoved him off. It was time to call the results, we all assembled in one classroom as our teacher started calling the results from the last position. If she calls, she will hand your report booklet to you. Still waiting for our turn as she reached 10th position. My heart skipped.

I felt nervous, fear and tension was written all over me. I looked at Danny and immediately removed my eyes. the idiot had his eyes fixed on me as the teacher reached 5th position. I was already shaking and praying silently.

“the second position goes to Mirabel Kalu and the first position goes to Daniel Godson. “the announcement was loud and clear, as the whole class echoed in amazement.

I was embarrassed, it was as if the ground should open so I would fall into it. I felt strange. I heard voices from east and west, some laughing at me and others making jest of me. I felt shame not until Gerry came and pulled me out from the crowd.

“so what now” he asked.

“please take me home Gerry” I said. I was already feeling dizzy, the echoes, noise, mockery, and Gerry shouting at me saying all sort of things. I couldn’t handle it all, so I fainted.

“Gerry!! Stop!!” Daniel shouted as he saw me falling down. As Gerry tried to hold me, Daniel pushed him and started blaming him for what has happened. the two picked fight there instantly.

Some teachers were trying to separate them as others rushed to take me to the hospital. I saw Daniel already on the floor as Gerry pinned him and feeds him unlimited punch.

Daniel was struggling as he breaks hold of the pin, he kicked Gerry and he fell and hit his head on a sharp stone. there was a blackout then the next thing I saw was myself in the hospital surrounded by my parents and my two best friends. they rejoiced as they saw me awake.

My mum asked me how I was feeling and I told her. She was still trying to ask me another question as the doctor called my parents and they left the room. A conversation started between the three of us.

EMILY: Thank God you are awake Mira.

ME: Don’t worry, am fine now.

SUSAN: But there is something suspicious about this your fainting,

“Susan teased”

ME: With all that pressure, mockery, shame!!! and Gerry shouting at me. ah!! Common girl, I had to fake that fainting.

EMILY: What??? Wait!! you faked that fainting? Like, it’s not a real faint.

ME: Shuuu!!!, don’t be loud so my parents won’t hear.

SUSAN: Drama queen, I trust you nah. You just on a movie for us and we watched.

ME: Lol!!!, please gist me, what later happened. I mean between Gerry and Daniel.

EMILY: Hmmmm!! That fight was something else.

SUSAN: I was there now, it all started before the teacher started calling results, Gerry stopped Daniel on the passage way with two boys from his class and threatened to kill Daniel if he ever speaks to you again.

ME: What!!!???, (I said in shock)

SUSAN: (countinues) Daniel said it plain to his face that he would do nothing. he even went further to promise Gerry that he would snatch you away from him. Gerry wanted to throw a punch but the voice of the principal stopped him as they all ran away on seeing the principal approach. so after the calling of results, Daniel tried to approach you but sharp Gerry who noticed it came in and moved you from the crowd. Daniel just stood around the corner and watched you two. You started feeling dizzy drama queen like you (she laughs) you acted that part perfectly. as you fainted, Gerry who was supposed to hold you was distracted by what I don’t know maybe that’s why Daniel had to rush to the scene. He started blaming Gerry then the fight began. Gerry gave the first heavy punch. the punch moved Daniel as he held his face for some seconds. Gerry grabbed him, but Daniel resisted, Danny pushed him and started loading punch direct on Gerry’s face. He tried to kick him but Gerry defended it and grabbed his legs and threw him to the ground. Then he sat on top him with Daniel’s two hands pinned to his knees as he reloads Danny unlimited punch. Daniel managed to break out of the pin and matched Gerry, then he fell and hit his head on a sharp stone. blood started gushing out instantly.

ME: Jesus Christ!!!

SUSAN: hum!!! Daniel was shocked, fear overwhelmed him, as he tried to carry Gerry along, following the teachers and other students who has already carried your body. You two were rushed to the hospital.

ME: Oh my God!!!, what have I done? (I said crying) where is Gerry now, is he in this same hospital?

SUSAN: Yes I think so (I tried to rush out of the bed in search of Gerry but Emily reminded me that I still need to play sick else the whole blame would be on me).


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