Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E4)- Pretence

high School Romance 💕

Episode 4


After hours of discussion between my parents and the Doctor, it was confirmed that my health condition is okay. I was discharged immediately. Susan and Emily helped me park some of my stuffs. Deep down, I Wanted to go see Gerry but I have to act naive just as Susan said in order not to raise suspicions. Not till my Mum gave me the greenlight;

“I heard one of your classmate was admitted in this same hospital too, don’t you want to see him before we leave” she asked.

“Yes, I do” I replied as Susan and Emily escorted me to Gerry’s ward. If only my Mum knew the cause of what happened to Gerry, she won’t have given me this opportunity. The only thing the doctor told her was that the boy got into an accident trying to save me.

As we approached Gerry’s ward, my heart started pounding. I actually don’t want to see Gerry in any bad condition because of me. I don’t know if I would be able to handle the amount of guilt feelings that will befall me.

We arrived the rooms doorstep, then Emily gently opened the door.

“Oh my God! What’s this idiot doing here” I said to myself on seeing Daniel. He has been there all day looking after Gerry. Looks like am not the only one feeling guilty after all.

“Good evening Mira, how is your health now?” Daniel inquired.

“Am fine, I heard you got into a fi…” just before I could finish the last statement, Susan created a kind of distraction as Emily whispered to me.

“you heard what?” Daniel asked knowing I have been updated by Emily.

“I heard you ha…v…e b…ee…n taking care of Gerry ever since he saved my life from that accident” I stammered.

“Ohhh! That accident?, yes, I have been here with Gerry since then, what are friends for? He replied

“You are indeed a good friend. How is Gerry doing now?” I asked.


“he’s fine. Just a little sleep and one more drip remaining for his discharge” he said.

“OK. That sounds good” I said as I moved forward and held Gerry’s hand. He was already asleep and his head was not badly injured, just a slight cut on the skin, I had a slight relieve as I made my way to the door.

“call me when he is discharged. I will be going now. my parents are waiting in the car” I said

“ok, that won’t be a problem. Take good care of yourself” he said.

“I will” I replied as I turned to step out of the door.

“wait! Here is your result Mira, I have been holding it all day”

On hearing about the result, my guilt feelings were automatically transformed to anger. But I managed to control myself.

“thank you Danny” I said as I took the result and headed straight to the car.

We entered the car, on our way home, my Dad started;

“Mira my sweet Angel, why would you faint on hearing that you came second this term?” he said.

I was quiet, trying to figure out what exactly he is driving at.

“Life comes with a lot of challenges. Failure is only there to prepare us for what we didn’t expect. It is there to tell us that we need to struggle more. It is there to tell us that we need to put more effort so we should learn to stand strong in times of failure and be ready and prepared to strike back with more effort, strength and determination so we won’t have to fail again, and not fainting” he said.

“Da… d, I just felt very weak and tired that’s all” I replied.

“I think you were too embarrassed to face failure. You were too nervous and the news came as a sudden shock to you and that’s what caused your fainting” he said.

“yes Dad, but …” I tried to speak up but he cut me halfway.

“what am trying to say is that you should learn to face your fears. That’s the only way you would overcome it” he said.

That was the last statement he made in the car till we reached home.

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