Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E5)- Facing your fears

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong, season 2 (Episode 5)- Facing your fears. – Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E5)- Facing your fears

Episode 5

Facing your fears


I was sitting in my room alone, thinking about my life. I have failed in the challenge, so I definitely need to fulfill my own side of the bargain. But there is something I fear, I fear loosing Gerry.

The young boy must be feeling so bad knowing that I have lost the challenge and also the fact that he might be loosing me to Daniel. Its all up to me now, what am I going to do?


Still on my bed thinking, i got a call on my phone. Mtcheww ! , its Daniel again. I put the call on silence. Few minutes later, the call came again. I picked it up.


Me: hello! Good day Daniel


Daniel: how are you doing Mira?

Me: I am fine Danny, how is Gerry?

Daniel: he’s fine now, I called to tell you that he is awake and will be discharged tomorrow morning.


Me: OK, thank you for looking after him.

Daniel: I am only doing my responsibility as a friend.

Me: what a good friend you are, I know you would be scared when that happened.

Daniel: i was very scared Mira, very very scared


Me: you shouldn’t have fought him at that time, I actually feel guilt about all these. I can’t even face Gerry right now or talk to him.


Daniel: Shu u! Its not your fault Mira, I had to do what I did, though Gerry attacked first. But that still didn’t change the fact that its all my fault. I will take the blame. Don’t worry about anything, just have a good night rest.


Me: OK Danny, have a good time too and don’t think too much

Daniel: OK, Mira

Me: ok, bye ! (Before I could hang up)

Daniel: Mira!

Me: Yes Daniel, is there any problem?

Daniel: ” Mira … Emm .., the date, I want to…

Me: (cuts in) (shouts at Daniel) You won’t even allow me to recover fully before you fly your dates on me, i know I lost the challenge, but with everything that has happened, you should have the decency to wait for it ( I said with anger and ended the call)


That stupid boy is hell bent at snatching me at all cost, he wants to break what God has joined together and so far I live, I won’t allow him to accomplish that.


But I lost the challenge. What will be my faith in school by next term if I don’t keep with what I have said. I have spent years building myself to be a “lady of her words” in school. Backing out now when the table doesn’t favor me would send a wrong message to people. What am I going to do? Why did I allow that naughty boy to pull down everything I have worked for. Even My ego is destroyed right now.


Looks like its time to do what Dad said, FACING MY FEARS.

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