Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E6)- Date or no date

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E6)- Date or no date

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E6)- Date or no date. Season 2 episode 6

Episode 6

Date or no date

Its 3 weeks now and school will be resuming tomorrow being Monday. I have never been so nervous as I am now, my entire life. Who will I meet first tomorrow, Gerry or Daniel. I pondered.

Its the 3rd term of SS3 and this is probably the last term in the school. I have maintained a standard and this won’t be shattered because of Daniel. I am done being afraid, right now, I will be ready to face my fears.

Very early on Monday morning, I headed straight to school. I noticed someone that looked like Daniel coming towards me so I changed directions ASAP.

“You look beautiful in your school uniform” A voice spoke before I could enter the school gate.

“Keep flattering me Gerry” i said to my self.

“Thank you darling” I said as I turned only to hook eyes with Daniel.

“I come in peace and I mean no harm” he said on seeing the disappointment on my face.

Me: don’t worry, I taught it was…

Daniel: (cuts in) Gerry!

Me: yea.. its not like i don’t want to see you.

Daniel: I know, I irritate you and you hate me: Dann….y! Its not what you think. (I said as we walked inside the school)

Daniel: so, what should I think?

Me: noting, forget about it.

Daniel: if you say so ..(silent for 5 seconds) Emm, about the other day…

Me: (cuts in) the date? , I accept, I made the promise and I am known to fulfill all my promises.

Daniel: I was actually going to cancel it.

Me: What?

Daniel: the other day, on the phone. I wanted to tell you to forget about the date but it looks like you misunderstood me. I was going to cancel it because it was obvious i was already causing you pains. You fainted, then your boyfriend got into an accident because of me. I realized your happiness is priority, so that is why I wanted to cancel it because it was making you feel uncomfortable.


Me: you will really do that because of me?

Daniel: yea

Me: I taught you loved me

Daniel: yes I do, that is the more reason I should.

Me: and you do realise that canceling the date eliminates your one and only chance of being with me right?


Daniel: yup, I do.

Me: I won’t let you cancel the date.

Daniel: what??

He was cut by the sound of the assembly bell. During the morning assembly, I was in deep taught about Danny. He looks more handsome this term. His small beard gave his cute face the perfect look. His eyes are crazily romantic and his gentle touch around my waist sent stimuli’s round my body. He smells so nice and his breath seduced me. OMG, I think I am wet down there.

Right after assembly, I called Danny and sneaked him into the Ladies toilet. I pretended that I want to show him something.

Daniel: Mira, what do you want to show me in the ladies toilet?

Me: I want to tell you something. I said as I locked the toilet doors.

Danny: what is it Mira?

Me: ever since after the fall at the passage way, I have been getting this feeling, I don’t know what it is, I have been forcing myself to hate you because of it but all to no avail. I want to tell you now that I … I  have fallen in love with y…

Daniel: Shu u!!!


He said as he placed his finger in between my lips and drew closer. With me looking straight into his eyes and breathing heavily, he gave me a warm deep k*ss in the mouth. He started touching and caressing me and I was enjoying his thick hands going round my body.


His hands on my front and back felt like heaven. I touched his d*ck and it was hard like steel. Still in the deep k*ss romance, he quickly pulled off himself and ran off.

Before he ran off, he said “This is not right Mira, i am sorry, if I do this, I would be taking advantage of you”

I felt ashamed and embarrassed. He left when the main game was about to get started and now I am left in the middle of all these, what are my feelings turning me into? .. So this is how I would have lost my virginity today? I asked myself.

Gerry wasn’t in school today, I was a bit worried but I hope he comes tomorrow.


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