Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E7)- Guilt feelings

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E7)- Guilt feelings

Episode 7

Guilt feelings

After class that day, I went home moody. I was having these guilt feelings. “What have I done to myself” I said to myself.

“Welcome my Princess, what’s with the moody face” My Dad, Michael asked

“Tell the moody face girl that I made her favorite dish today” my mum, Amanda replied from the dinning table.

“You definitely know how to change peoples mood with your delicious meals” Michael said.

“Looks like hunger is not the problem this time” Said Amanda as she draws closer on seeing my sad mood.

“Is there any problem Mira” Michael, my Dad asked.

“Is it wrong to love two people at the same time?” i finally dropped the question.

“No dear, you love me your mother and also your father. There is absolutely noting wrong with it” my Mum said.

“Not that Mum”

“Don’t tell me you have started keeping boyfriends, Mirabel ! ” my Dad shouted at me.

“Da…d !, just forget” I said as I rushed into my room. I could hear my Mum and Dad argue.

Amanda: Did you teach her the sÂŁx Education I told you to teach her last 3 months ago?

Michael: No, I haven’t, i don’t just know how to. She is still a small girl and telling her stuffs like that might end up spoiling her.

Amanda: she is in SS3 Michael ! For crying out loud. I have been telling you to do this a long time ago. You are a social media influencer and you very well know how to do this, you see what happens to other children who lacks parental training and orientation in their puberty age. Do you want your daughter to end up like that?

Michael: I know, OK. I will do that right now.

Amanda: please do, i will quickly go after Joshua. That boy needs to be educated too. I have caught him multiple times on pornography.

Few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door,

“Don’t come it” I shouted as my Dad opened the door.

Me: I said, Don’t come in da..d !

Michael: i am sorry for shouting at you earlier.

Me: Apology partially accepted.

Michael: and what will i do to make it fully accepted.

Me: treat me like a princess dad.

Michael: like mother like daughter, always after my credit cards. Get dressed and pick a location, I will meet you in the car in 30 minutes.

Me: Yes! I love you dad ! (I shouted as he left the room)

Whenever my dad agrees to treat you like a princess, get ready for maximum satisfaction, because he is going to waste his entire savings on you. Spoil you with money, you know what I am saying don’t you? .. Lol .

In 30 minutes, I was already dressed and waiting in the car, I have picked a matured dating location. I don’t know how this will sound, but I have never gone on a date before, I want my father to be the first man to take me out on a date and it is happening.

We reached the place and my dad ordered the usual, fried rice and chicken, with a glass of milk to push it down. We ate as we dived into conversation.

Michael: so Mira, you know that this location is for matured dating couples right?


Michael: so what made you choose this location?

Me: I love the environment and setting.

Michael: just that?

Me: yes Dad.

Michael: have you been here before?

Me: Nope, but I have heard of it, some of my classmates used to come on a date here.

Michael: wow!, I want to ask you something Mira, and I want you to be sincere

Me: Go on dad.

Michael: do you have a boyfriend?

That question threw me off, should i lie to him or should i just tell him the truth. Then what about what happened between Daniel and I?, should i tell him too? I asked myself.


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