Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E8)- S£x education

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E8)- S£x education

Episode 8

S£x Education

Me: emm!

Michael: I need the truth Mirabel, I promise not to get mad.

Me: (takes a deep breath) yes, I have a boyfriend dad, but we haven’t done anything.

Michael: Anything like?

Me: noting

Michael: I didn’t ask if you have done anything, but you are having guilt feelings, that means there has been a trial. Tell me about it.

Me: em… You remember the question I asked earlier.

Michael: yes I do. “Is it wrong to love two people at the same time?” What about it?

Me: I did something bad

Michael: take a deep breath Mira

Me: (takes a deep breath)

Michael: Now, start talking

Me: I have a boyfriend called Gerry.

Michael: oh! The boy from the hospital

Me: yes, l love him but there is this new boy in school. His name is Daniel, i have been.. (Stops)

Michael: been what? .. Continue

Me: I have been getting this feelings for him and yesterday, I nearly forced myself on him.(speaks fast) But he resisted, we didn’t do it.

Michael: what!

Me: we didn’t do anything, he ran off saying he would be taking advantage of me.


I looked at my Dad, he was dumb and shocked. He didn’t say anything for 30 seconds.


Michael: do you know that s£x before marriage is bad?

Me: yes, but the feeling was too much on me, I tried my best to control it but it took over me in the process.

Michael: its called lust

Me: is there anyway I can make it stop?


My Dad was still for a while, I know he was really mad at me on the inside but he doesn’t want to let it out. He took a glass of water and left. Few minutes later, I got a text on my phone from my Dad, it reads “meet me in the car”

I was scared, what will my Dad do to me if we reach home. I was already expecting marathon beating and flogging. I should have lied to him, they say the truth sets you free but look at what is about to happen to me now.


I went into the car silent, then he drove off. On the way, my Dad started.

Michael: I don’t know this Daniel of a boy, but he must be a very responsible child to resist a beauty like you.

Me: (says to myself) what is this man saying? Is he not supposed to be mad at me and Daniel… Hum !

Michael: (continues) Puberty comes with a lot of development and maturity in young people, teenagers especially. The feeling is going to be there, its healthy and a sign that you are maturing. The feelings and urge is there but it doesn’t mean you should give into it.

Me: if God doesn’t want us to use these feelings and urge now, why give it to us, why not leave it till we are adults.

Michael: its there for a purpose only God himself can best describe. Those feelings and urge can be harnessed and used for other activities and it gets work done more efficiently than usual when channeled into something else.

Me: OK Dad, how can I harnesses these feelings.

Michael: whenever the feeling and urge comes, try and get yourself busy with something. Don’t think about anybody or watch pornography. Just focus on what you are doing. In few minutes, it will be long gone. This feeling will leave because you used it for something else. S£x before marriage is a sin and your body only belongs to your future husband. Your body is the temple of God so keep it holy. I know its hard to stay virgin these days with all the fine boys flying around, but its a sacrifice you make for yourself. Trust me, the reward is worth the sacrifice.

Me: OK.. Thank you dad.

Michael: you are welcomed my little angel.

Me: but dad!

Michael: what Mira?

Me: are you not supposed to beat me?

Michael: (looks at me with a smile) why will I beat you?

Me: for what I did

Michael: no, beating you is not the solution, if I beat you and cage you like a bird, one day you will be free, maybe in the university or anywhere else. And because I caged you, you might end up getting spoilt trying to do new things or fit in.

Me: that’s true, I have heard stories of people that ends up that way.

Michael: that’s why I have to sit you down and make you understand. You are a good girl that always listen to advice. I know you won’t disappoint me.

Me: OK. Thank you Dad, you are the best dad in the whole world.

Michael: (sings) I am blushin..g.

Me: Da…d ! (I said in a babyish way as we laughed out loud)


We drove home to meet my Mum with Joshua and Jessica having something that looks like a candle dinner. I guess my mum is advising them too, in a romantic way. This my parents won’t stop making me laugh, they definitely have a special technique to talk sense into us, and trust me, its going to stick.


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