Wedding night gone wrong 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E9)- Lucy is back

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Wedding Night Gone Wrong 2 (E9)- Lucy is back

Episode 9

Lucy is back

Being in ss3 and having quite a short Academic calendar, the principal of the school made us commence WAEC lessons from first week of resumption. The lesson started on Wednesday and Gerry has not been in school since then till today, being Saturday.

We came to school on Saturday to prepare against the forth coming examination. My school is a type that frowns at examination malpractice, so in order to combat it, getting us prepared through day to day classes was its technique.

I have been avoiding Daniel since after the incident on Monday. I noticed the way Daniel looked at me on seeing Gerry. It was as if a monster has come to steal his love.

Daniel on the other hand, has been trying to apologize for last time but I kept giving him cold shoulders. My eyes still fixed on him as he left. I followed him immediately, it was a phone call and I overheard him saying;

Daniel: hello

Phone: ….(can’t hear through)

Daniel: what! Dad, you can’t be here, not now. I still need some time to get things fixed.

Phone: ….

Daniel: its OK, the plan is going fine. She is falling for it, but I still need time, you can’t just show up, that will ruin everything.

Phone: …

Daniel: Dad, I am having a second thought about this, maybe we should leave the girl out of this, she is innocent.


Dad: that was before, she is a good girl Dad, pls leave her out of this.


A rat ran through and climbed my leg. Immediately, Daniel noticed me

Daniel: i will call you Later, gotta go

Daniel: (to me) hey! are you OK?

Me: yea, its just a rat.. It climbed my leg.

Daniel: (looks at me with disbelieve) how long have you been here?

Me: oh, just now, I was coming then the rat.

Daniel: Mirabel, you know I can tell when you are lying or not. A rat won’t climb your leg if you are walking, else you are standing.

Me: i don’t know what you are trying to prove. I need to go back to the class.

Daniel: you were just coming from the class, without getting what you want, you are going back. I read you like an open book Mira. Where you eavesdropping on me?

I was dumb, I didn’t say anything

Daniel: sh!t.

He said pacing in frustration then he walked back to me and said “forget what you heard, its noting. Just me and my Dad discussing family issues. I don’t like people eavesdropping on me, so please don’t do it next time”

he was still trying to say something else when Gerry walked in.

” what’s going on here?” He asked.

Daniel looked at him and walked away, I left too. Gerry stood still confused.

Gerry followed me immediately. “Someone has to explain to me what’s going on” he said.

“And what do you think is going on” I fired back at him.

Gerry: you and Daniel, what’s up with you two.

Me: nothing’s up Gerry, he was just trying to tell me something.

Gerry: and what is this special thing he can’t tell you in class that would prompt and outside meeting.

Me: can you stop being jealous

Gerry: ha! I am now being jealous.

Teacher: Gerry and Mirabel, stop Constituting noise. Gerry quickly go back to your classroom.


“Thank God” I said to myself. After class that day, I ran home. I don’t want to get engaged in Gerry’s questions. Ever since i lost the challenge, he has been acting weird.

I went home and ate the delicious meal my Dad prepared. Few minutes later, my Mum came home acting like she has seen a ghost.

“Guess who I saw at the airport today” she said.

Michael: who?

Amanda: Lucy and Williams, they are back

Michael: what !!!

My parents quickly went inside to talk. My mum works close to the airport. who exactly is this Lucy and Williams. “Could it be the same Lucy and Williams my Dad told me about?” I asked myself

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