Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E10)- Lucy's story

Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E10)- Lucy’s story

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“All I wanted was someone I can talk to. I had no friends, I was just a young girl of 16yrs old. My parents passed away when I was 10yrs old. I was living with my uncle.

I started growing into this beautiful, curvy and full packaged girl. My uncle started eyeing me. He made so many attempts to sleep with me but I refused. I threatened to tell his wife if he touched me again. On one of those days, he came into my room very early in the morning at around 1:20am and tried to rape me. He told me he was going to kill me and throw my dead body away so when everybody wakes up. It would be that I was missing and probably kidnapped by ritualist as that was the trending criminal act as of that time. Before he could get his thing off his pants, I kicked it and ran away. I came to the bar because I had nowhere else to go to and the bar was the only place open by that time of the day because of the ongoing night party. And There I met you.

You approached me like a brother, you bought me food, drinks, and so many other things there in the bar. When it was fully morning, you took me shopping because the clothes I had were worn out. You took me around town in your SUV tinted glass car, to places I have never been before. ‘oh what an angel I have met today’ I taught. You took me to your house, you gave me shelter, I had a little sleep on your soft foam. It was the softest bed my back has ever lay on. I taught you were a God sent, a hero who has come to take my sadness away. I told you my story that afternoon. I taught you had sympathy on me but little did I know that your heart was darker than that of the Devil. You left the house after I finished telling you about my uncle and how he tried to rape me.

I decided to prepare a delicious meal for you. I cooked the best thing I can cook. You came back and you enjoyed the meal. Then you gave me the fruit juice you bought for me. I took a sip of it, it was very sweet. I automatically fell in love with you. You are my hero, someone that saved me from the hands of my uncle. Little did I know what your plans were. You were so sweet to me.

It was 10’oclock at night, after you finished watching a football program with your friends, Henry and John. They left the house and you took me into the room. You told me sweet things, as little as I am, what did I know? I gave in to everything you said. You promised to marry me, I smiled, ‘ yes my prince charming’. That was the answer I gave when you optioned to be my boyfriend and lover.

We had carnal knowledge of ourselves.

You took my pride as a woman and planted your seed inside me. I taught you were tired and will want to continue another round of digging but before I knew what was happening, you have already slept off on top me. Leaving the sim card inside my phone.
In the morning, when I woke up from sleep you were already dressed. I tried to run to you but you pushed me away and said those horrible words

“when you are done dressing, you can leave”
“what! You are joking right?”
“No am not, I will be going to the studio, please drop the keys inside my Lexus car before you leave”
“Michael, do you even understand me? I have nowhere to go to, my parents are dead and I can’t go back to my uncle that wants to rape me” I said with tears rolling down my chicks.
“I have heard those stories a long time ago, please Lucy, leave my house”
“I taught you loved me Michael, you promised to marry me” I said crying

“Lucy I don’t love you, for gods sake am not going to marry you. You are too small, please leave my house now, just leave. In fact, go into the car let me take you back to the bar”

I begged you Michael, I cried, but you refused to hear me out.
“what I only need from you is s*x. Don’t you understand that little girl” those were the words you said to an orphan.
You took me back and left. I went back to my uncle’s house. That night, he came in and raped me. I was lying still on the bed as he dug his hole. I was crying thinking about you Michael. My uncle had his way several times, days after days, weeks after weeks, till I discovered I was pregnant. My uncle was afraid his wife would find out so he asked me to abort the baby. But the baby wasn’t his, Michael, you were responsible for that pregnancy”
“Oh God!!! Am so sorry Lucy. Did you abort the pregnancy, please tell me you didn’t please !!”

“Shut up Michael, you wicked soul from hell. I didn’t abort the pregnancy. I looked for you and I found you in that same bar. I tried talking to you. I wanted to tell you I was pregnant but you pushed me and I fell down and lost the pregnancy. You killed my baby. You killed him!! I will never forgive you” Lucy cried. I felt so guilty. I held her and tried to console her. As she continued the story.

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