Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E3)- The Shock

Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E3)- The Shock

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Things later worked out for Amanda and I. just as she insisted, I called off all my relationship with the other girls for her and we became best of lovers. She granted me access to everything she has except in between her legs. She said it was reserved for her future husband.

We got familiar. And unlike every other relationship I have been into, this one lasted more than two weeks. In fact, its currently Six Months now. I proposed to her and she accepted. And just like in the movies, we got married!!!!
YES!!! I am married.

“Our wedding Night is going to be Super cool” I taught, not knowing about the Unknown.

Just after my upload on Instagram that day, I wanted to start things off with my newly wedded wife who was busy relaxing on my cozy bed in the sexiest position ever. I rushed her like a hungry lion but she insisted that I should take a shower first. I rushed into the bathroom to have a quick shower, we discussed on how to make the night most enjoyable as we are going to have canal knowledge of ourselves. She suddenly stopped talking,

“this woman wants to kill me with suspense.” I taught.
I had a quick shower and came out to meet something that was too heavy for my eyes to behold.

As I came out of the bathroom so ready and jubilating like someone who has just won a lottery. what I saw created a sudden change on my facial expression, the room was scattered, her wedding gown torn apart and scattered in all corners of the room. It was as if she was struggling with something. There were blood stains on the floor and a very sharp knife laid beside it. I followed the path created by the blood stains. It lead me straight to the sitting room. I suddenly heard a knock on the door. I opened the door only to meet a police man who claims to have gotten a distress call from my house. Still shocked on the whole Scenario. The policeman saw blood stain on my hands and the knife I picked up earlier. He handcuffed me and accused me of killing my wife. I was speechless as the policeman took me into his car and we headed to the police station.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

In the police station, I told the policeman what happened and insisted to call my lawyer. It was John, my Lawyer and Childhood friend that got me out of the prison. Since there is no solid evidence that I killed my wife and her body is nowhere to be found.

John took me home. I called Henry and told him what happened and he rushed to my house. John decided to leave because it was almost past midnight. He promised to be back tomorrow morning. As John left, a conversation struck up between Henry and I.

“Michael, so this is not a joke. What Happened? You mean your wife is nowhere to be found, why will something like this happen? And why on your wedding night?” Asked Henry who was also shocked about the incident.

Henry is still dressed in his best man wedding outfit. In as much as I tried showing him the blood stains and enlightening him on how things happened. He still can’t believe his eyes. As I was taking henry around the house, we saw a bag filled with drinks, food, chicken and all other assorted well prepared foods. Henry wanted to freak out about it but I reminded him that it must have been the leftover food from my wedding. “this is strange” said henry. I was still confused about the whole thing. We eventually dozed off and before we knew it, it was already 8 O’clock in the morning.

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