Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E4)- Problem

Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E4)- Problem

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A knock on the door woke me up, its John. He is back just as he promised. Not long after john arrived, we heard another knock on the door. This time, the knock was intense. We all ran back to the dining room in fear of who it will be.

“Are you expecting someone” asked henry who was in fear.

“No, not at all” I replied
“who could that be” asked John
“I have no idea” I replied
“there is only one way to find out” said henry as they all turned and stared at me.
“you are not serious. There is no way am opening that door” I said.

“but it’s your house” John suggested.
“yea, that’s true, it’s your house, so you open the door” Henry supported.

The knock came again. But this time, it was more intense. I summoned courage and went straight to the door. I went to check who it was, lol and behold, its Amanda’s parents.
“oh my God !!! am dead” I taught.

“Good Morning Sir, Good Morning Ma, it’s nice to see you . . .”

Amanda’s Mum cuts in “what is good about the morning Mr. Kalu, where is my daughter?”

There was complete silence. I stood still, there eyes were fixed on me, words were too heavy for my mouth to vomit, my legs were shaking, Miraculous sweat rolled down my skin, I can feel it soaking my clothes instantly, I was afraid and nervous, I don’t know how to start answering the question.

“why are you silent Michael? Please don’t tell me what we saw on the news this morning is true” said Amanda’s Dad.

What he said hit my innermost being “the news?” I taught

“I can explain sir” I spoke out of fear.

“you can explain what? I left my daughter under your care for a few minutes and now she is gone. All you can tell me is that you can explain… it’s not even up to a day!! Not even up to 12hours Michael, just get ready for me. Reserve your explanations, you will do that in the police station if you don’t provide my daughter in the next 24 hours. Don’t try me Michael, don’t try me !!!” Amanda’s dad said with great authority and anger as he left. His wife wanted to talk but he stopped her.

“this is a big problem. Amanda’s Dad early involvement in this case is war Against you” John said.

“Oh my God!!! Michael, you are so dead. An unknown account released a photo of your wife on Instagram with the caption ‘The wife of the celebrity Michael who just got married few hours ago is missing. Could the ritual rumors of this celebrity be true? Has he used his wife to renew his wealth? So sad it all happened on his wedding night’” Said Henry as he tries to show Michael the post.

“look at this, your Instagram followers is going down every minute. It was 7.8M on your last post, now it has gone down totally to 5.6M” Alarmed John

“No No No, whyyyyyy!!!!, what is this? Who is doing this to me? I swear if I find you, I will skin you alive” I cried.
First it was my wife. Now they are using this sad news to attack my business.
“But who could be doing this to me?” I asked trying to recall if I have offended anyone in the past but I can’t possibly remember.

“the question we should be asking is why will anyone want to kidnap your wife?” John suggested.
“probably for money or to get back at me” I answered
“A kidnapper looking for ransom wont kidnap someone on her wedding night, would they?” asked Henry.
“they may, some are heartless these days” replied John.
“then if they are really looking for ransom, they should have called by now” Henry suggested.
“yes, that’s true” John Concord.
“then how will you explain the social media post” I asked.
“hum, then it’s not kidnappers, its clearly someone that wants to get back at you” said John.

“but why will someone want to get back at you?” Henry asked.
“do you think it’s the girls? I mean one of your ex” john inquired.
“No, not at all. They can’t do a thing like that… …. Except for one person” I replied.
“Lucy right” John asked.
“yes, I clearly remember her saying that she is going to deal with me. And she will make it a painful shock. Maybe this was the shock she was talking about” I said with assurance.

“Then we must go after this Lucy. But first, we have to meet the Reverend concerning this issue, women can be demonic, you know” Henry advised as John and I shouted in Unisom as if we were still in kindergarten “REVEREND !!!

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