Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E5)- EX Files

Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E5)- EX Files

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Here we are in one of the most populated Catholic church in Lagos, its environment designed with flowers and Status of Our Lord Jesus Christ and his mother plus other saints to which I know little about.

It’s 12 o’clock and obviously on Monday morning. Sorry Afternoon*. The church seats were properly arranged, as a melodious rhyme from the giant speakers sweeps through the atmosphere.

“it’s been really long I visited the church” I taught.

As we were moving closer to the alter. Another rhyme disrupted the holy Christian Melody, Oh! It’s my phone ringing, “But who will be calling me by this time”

I asked myself as I reached to my pocket, I brought out my phone and picked it up. It was my Mum calling. She has heard the news about my missing wife and has called to know what was going on. I told her everything and ended the call. Just as I was putting the phone back in my pocket, the Reverend Father was already in our mist.

“Welcome my children to the sacred place of the Lord. I heard you were looking for me” said the Reverend Father
“Yes sir, we are. Good afternoon Reverend, we have an urgent matter to discuss with you and also a favor we want to ask from you” replied henry.

The Reverend took us inside and gave us a seat, I told him everything that has happened.
“So have you involved the police in this case Mr. Michael” the Reverend asked.

“Yes sir, like I said, I was arrested on the accusation that I killed my wife, but since there is not enough evidence to that fact, although the policeman saw me in the house with all the bloodstains. John here, got me out of prison. The police have limited my movement to only within the street I live in and John has signed the documents. So should in any case I leave, John will be held responsible. The DPO has assured me that proper investigations are ongoing. So as a Christian, I have come to involve God in this matter too sir” I replied.
“that’s very good, involving God in your problems is the best way to finding its solution” replied the Reverend. “So Michael, how close are you with God?” he asked.

“I don’t understand your question sir, am a Christian, I have done my Baptism and everything, I also attend Sunday services and I pay my tithe on regular basis” I answered.

“Attending Sunday services, baptism and paying of tithe doesn’t make you a true Christian Michael. Just as you have told me everything that happened before and after your wedding. The pre wedding pictures you took at Eko Suits hotel, the pre-wedding party you had at Federal Palace hotel, the engagement party, the party you had when she accepted to be wife. Emm what did you call it again. Acceptance Party. Even the last bachelor’s party you had before marriage and all the other parties including the beach party. Am not saying it’s not good to party.
But Michael, when was the last time you had time for God? When was the last time you sat down, picked your bible and meditated over it? When was the last time you talked to God in prayers? When was the last time you praised God? I know how you were before you became popular on Instagram. You were once a member of the Choir in this very church, a very devoted child of God, a true worshiper, the only voice people rush to the front seat to listen to, where is that person now? I used to admire you then, but now……… God gave you little Progress and popularity, now look at how you pay him back, a womanizer, committing adultery like it’s a normal day to day activity. You have forgotten your path, you have forgotten your root and you have also forgotten God. Michael God said I should tell you to come back to your path, you have made the Devil the coach and captain of your life, you have made the devil the sailor of your ship, now look at where he is leading you to. Michael you must repent now. ELSE your days are numbered here on earth. Forsake the devil. Forsake the things of this world and run back to your maker” the Reverend preached.

I was deeply touched with what he said so I gave my life to Jesus Christ. The Reverend told me that if I want to see my wife again, I should apologize to all the girls I have broken their heart in the past. Especially those I took their Virginity. But how will I do all these .. I taught.

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