Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E6)-Ex Files 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E6)-Ex Files 2

Action Romance 💕



It’s almost getting dark, so John left. John is a married man with two kids. He has to go and look after them. Henry offered to spend the night at my place.

Just as we were getting to the house, the DPO called. He said that an eye witness came to the station to inform them on where he saw my wife today. According to the DPO, the witness said he saw my wife in a Lexus 300 car with one dark muscular guy. At first impression, one would think that they are friends but when he looked closer, he could notice that she was forced to act normal. So he quickly copied the plate number of the car and went straight to the police station to inform the police. I wanted to come but the DPO said I should wait till morning, he said the eye witness offered to come again in the morning to tell me exactly what he told the DPO.

“Thank God we are making progress” I said out loud as henry asked me of whom I was talking to. I told him everything as we entered the house to eat our stomachs out. It has really been a hungry and stressful day.
In the morning, henry and I rushed to the police station, we saw the witness and he narrated everything to us, it was exactly what the DPO told me on the phone yesterday.

“So what is the next action DPO” I asked.
“We will have to track the car, I will also inform all my men on road duty. Once they see the car again. The Owner will be forced to vomit your wife” said the DPO. I had a strong relieve, we left the station as we saw John. We told him everything as we drove back to the house.

It’s time to start what the Reverend told me to do, Apologizing to all my ex, an impossible but possible mission. I made a list of all the girls I dated in the past, I listed the names I remembered. Thank God I still had their phone numbers.

“OMG!!! Michael, are you just writing names of girls or are these actually the girls you dated? This list has twenty plus names already and you are still writing.” Said John who was shocked when he saw the list.
“When I was telling you that Michael was a professional Womanizer, you thought I was joking abi ?” replied Henry who already knew my capabilities.

“take it easy boys, Am not that bad. I just can’t remember like half the names of other girls, and it looks like I no longer have their contact on my phone” I replied.
“wait, you still mean that there are more… like a half more??” John asked.
“That list will reach a hundred plus if he can really remember all” Henry Teased.

“lol, Henry !! it’s me oooh, how is that even possible, Am I second king Solomon?” I said as we all laughed out loud.

I started by visiting some of the girls, some poured dirty water on me, some shut the door on me, one nearly stabbed me with the knife she was using in the kitchen, some chased me away with their dogs, some were already married with kids, some were grateful I actually came to apologize and others slapped me and walked away. It was a stressful mission for my friends and I, but at least, we managed to visit Seven that day.
The next day, I decided not to visit again. I will now call them on phone before someone eventually kills me … lol.

I called and called and called and called. Some picked up and hung up the call once they heard my voice, some didn’t even pick up, some their numbers were not reachable, some I actually managed to talk to. And others have blacklisted my number.

“I really need to see the Reverend, am tired of all these” I complained.
“lol, Michael my friend is a very funny guy” Henry said laughing at me.
“When you were doing it. You were not tired abi?” John asked jokingly.
“lol, my brother, ask him ooo” said Henry
“You are mocking me abi?” I asked
“shut up and concentrate, you still have thirty-five more” Henry said laughing “God forbid, lol” John replied.

“Get out Henry, I hate you all. you guys no be beta person” I said and ignored the both of them.
Just few minutes after, I got a call from an Unknown number

“hello, who is this?”
“it’s me Michael, your wife, Save me! save me!!, please SAVE ME!!!”

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