Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E7)- The Call

Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E7)- The Call

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“calm down love, are you okay? please I want you to tell me exactly where you are”
“am at …. am at… emm, at…”
“at where love? talk, please talk”
“I don’t know, it’s some kind of hotel”
“which Hotel love, please I need to know”

“I can’t remember, Jesus Christ!!! He’s back, I will get back to you Michael, please don’t call back this number”
“wait! wait!!, wait!!!, please talk to me, wait” I screamed as she hung up the call.

“what is it Michael, who was that” Henry asked curiously.
“it’s my wife” I replied.
“where is she? What did she say?” John asked.
“she was shouting save me, save me. I tried to get her location but she can’t remember. She said it’s in some kind of hotel” I replied.

“did she give you any address or something familiar to the hotel?” Henry asked.
“No, she just said she will get back to me”
“call back the number” John advised.
“she said I should not call her back. She suddenly shouted Jesus Christ, he’s back” I replied crying. “someone kidnapped my wife. And it’s a man” I cried more.

“this is serious” Henry said
“what if he tries to rape her” I said crying.
“No, don’t worry Mike, he won’t” John said as he reached out to console me. “I will call the DPO now and inform him about this, so he can start an immediate search on all the hotels in Lagos, don’t worry Mike, we will find your Wife, I promise.” John said as he cuddles me. I was already shedding tears like a baby.
“we have to go and see the Reverend right now” Henry suggested.
“That’s a good idea” John replied, as we headed straight to the church. When we got to the church, the Reverend was attending to some people in his office, we had to wait for him. Few moments later, he sent for us. We went in and narrated everything to him.

“This is a good sign, have you finished what I asked you to do Michael?” the Reverend asked.
“No sir. It’s just remaining small”
“like How many?”
“Emm… thirteen sir”

“Ok, this is a sign that God is with you in this, you decided to obey Gods voice, now he has shown you that he is by your side. Go home Michael and complete what I told you to do. There is one person among the remaining thirteen girls that will help you out, but that is only if the anger in her is exchanged care and sympathy. You messed with the wrong girl Michael, and she is the Genesis of the problem you are facing now. You have to act fast, if you don’t . . . the solution, she might not be able to provide again” the Reverend said as he dismissed us.

Just as we were heading out of the church, I bumped into a certain lady. I apologized as she gave me a strong look of disgust, hissed and went into the church.
“She looks familiar, but I can’t remember where I saw her face” I said to my friends.
“why won’t she look familiar? A womanizer like you should know every girl in town” Henry teased.
“Yea! Maybe, he wooed her and she refused. Now he can’t remember where he saw the face, the way the girl looked at him will even give you heads up” John supported as they laughed out loud.

“You guys are unbearable” I said angrily as we entered the car and drove home.

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