Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E8)- The call 2

Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E8)- The call 2

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It’s been 3 days now after I received the call from my wife. She has not called again nor texted. The police have no report as the search was still on going. On the other hand, my parents and Parent-in-Laws were already disturbing my phone with thons of missed calls and frequent visits to my house. The pressure was all over me. I had to do something quick, before Amanda’s Dad cuts off my head and feed them to the Vultures, just as he promised.

Well, I had no option than to do as instructed by the Reverend. I had to finish apologizing to the remaining thirteen girls. I did all that but there was just one person remaining. I don’t remember her, I can’t even remember her name or address and I don’t have her number. In fact, I won’t even recognize her if I should see her on the road.

She was my second girlfriend, we became friends and I had sex with her and dumped her that same day. According to her, she was still a virgin and I broke it mercilessly.

“Yes! I now remember, her name is Lucy. The one we were supposed to meet before but later forgot after our first visit to the church” I said.
“Yea! That’s true. But you don’t have her contact or home address, do you?” asked Henry.
“No I don’t. I can’t even remember what she looks like” I replied.
“Wait!!! ………. The lady from the church” John said.
“Which lady” Henry and I echoed in Unisom
“The one you bumped into three days ago. I think she has a striking resemblance to Lucy. Maybe it’s her sister or a relation” John Suggested.
“Yeah!! That’s true. now I remember her face” I said

“with the way she looked at you, am sure it must be her and not a relation of hers’ ” Henry suggested.
“But how do we reach her now” I said.
“she went inside the church that day, maybe she is a member of that church. We can go to the church regularly to look for her” John said.
“Yea, that’s true, she might be the key we have been looking for. I mean, the Angel that will deliver us from this mess” Henry said.
Just few minutes later, I got a text message on my phone with the same number my wife has called with in the past. The message reads:

“Am sorry for not texting or calling earlier Honey. He has been with me all these while and I can’t call to let you know about my whereabouts because he would discover I had a phone with me. Texting you right now, there is a camera in this room and he will be here very soon to take the phone away from me. The location is Logos Continental hotel, room 109, 2nd floor. Please be fast and come with the police. He already booked a flight and he would be leaving the country in the next 48 hours. Please be fast… I love you .. Amanda.”

After reading the text message, I called the DPO and informed him on the current location as I entered the car and drove off with Henry and John immediately.
On getting to the Hotel, the Receptionist told us that the occupants of room 109 checked out two minutes ago. I didn’t listen to her. I pushed her and rushed for the hallway as the security men grabbed Henry and John. I managed to escape them. I reached the 2nd floor, looking left and right until I saw the room 109. I tried to open the door but it was locked from inside.

I broke the door and made my way into the room. I saw a muscular guy on Mask, he was parking somethings inside a big brown bag. I rushed him immediately like how the lion rushes an antelope.

I gave him a big blow and tried to get his back on the floor. But he overpowered me and pushed me against the wall. He gave me a heavy slap, three deadly punch directly on my stomach and pushed me to the floor, as he made his way on top of my body. There I was lying like a dead man as he pinned me to the floor and gives me the best of his fist. Lying flat on the floor and receiving blows on my face was the worse pain I have ever received in my entire life. I finally managed to unpin my hands as I pushed him out of my body.

He ran towards the front rail of the room and jumped down. I rushed to the rail, I tried to jump but the building was too high. I looked and saw him enter a car. I managed to see my wife at the back seat as he drove off.

Just as he was leaving the gate with his car, the police where coming in with loud siren. I tried calling their attention to tail that car but they didn’t understand me. I rushed down stairs as two hefty bouncers blocked my path and wanted to seize me. I gave one a big blow and used the car key in my hand to cut the flesh on the face of the other bouncer as I made ny way downstairs. I informed the DPO as they rushed back into their car to tail the other car. But as we got to the main road, the car was nowhere to be found. We asked some pedestrians on the road but they were giving us different directions.

“NOT AGAIN!!! OH NO!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” I cried with a loud voice.
“I almost had him” I said as Henry and John tried putting me back together.

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