Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E9)- Reunion with the Villian

Wedding Night Gone Wrong (E9)- Reunion with the Villian

Action Romance 💕



Few minutes later, the DPO called me to the station and a conversation stroke up between the DPO and i

“Am very sorry Mr. Kalu for not understanding your signs earlier. We did our best to get there on time” the DPO apologized.
“its okay sir. It was all my fault. I taught I could handle it alone. I should have waited for you”
“What you did was dangerous, what if he had killed you. I should be mad at you but somehow within me, I feel your pain and I feel sorry for not being perfect in our work. And I must assure you Mr. Kalu, we will bring back your wife very soon”

“Mr. Kalu, I will like you to describe the man in question so I can inform my boys on patrol”
“He is Muscular, dark and tall. I didn’t see his face because he had a mask on. He is on green Gucci shirt and black jeans, ’30 billion gang’ necklace, gold wrist watch and a pair of these trending slide slippers and his perfume is of smart collection. His voice was too deep. I tried to catch him but he …. .. he … .. . … ” I broke into tears again as I was explaining to the officer. “I didn’t save my wife. I lost. Am a failure” I cried.

“it’s okay Mr. Kalu, we will work with the information you have provided” the officer said as he passed me his handkerchief to wipe off my tears.
Few hours later, I left the police station. John and Henry joined me in the car and we drove off. Just in the car before we got home. I saw Lucy on the way. I parked the car and ran to her. John and Henry came out of the car and stood beside it.

“Please excuse me madam, I would like to talk to you”
“Young man, how can I help you?” said Lucy.
“Lucy, you are Lucy right?” I asked.

She smiled “Thank God you still remember my name”
“Thank God I saw you again… Lucy, am so sorry about what I did to you in the past. I know I hurt you and am ready to face the consequences of everything I did to you now. Please Lucy, if there is anything I can do to make it up to you, I would do It just for your forgiveness. Please Lucy, forgive me” I said begging her on my knees.

“Anything Michael? … you mean .. Anything?”
“yes Lucy, I would do anything you want me to do”
“what about Divorcing your wife and getting married to me instead. Can you do that Michael?”
I was silent as she asked me that question. I didn’t expect that kind of request.
“Michael, you are so oo heartless. You don’t deserve my forgiveness at all. You should perish in hell” she said.
“Lucy please, please!! I beg you. Am ready to do anything Lucy, anything financially possible” I pleaded.
“I don’t want anything from you Michael, you gave me your best a long time ago, and I have moved on now”

“Lucy please!!! Just forgive me” I pleaded even with a more innocent tune. As I lead her to my car so we will continue the talking. Because I noticed that people were already crowding us.

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