My name is Michael Kalu. And as you already know, I am a blogger, social media influencer and a popular Instagram celebrity on the program “hash tag around the city (#around-the-city)”. There I make posts of every fun event I attend. I am more of the internet and social media guy and from there I make my living.

Like all celebrities, I was a womanizer. I date up to five girls a week, we go into relationship that hardly last for fourteen days, we break up eventually and the circle of getting new dates continue. I was like that till I met Amanda.

Amanda is a girl who I happen to meet at the bar, but before that, I have been sending her messages on Instagram. Unlike every other girls, Amanda intentionally snubbed my messages allowing me to see the painful “seen” notification below the messages I sent her without reply. I saw her at the bar that day so I decided to take my chances. I gave her a quick short romantic introductory caption but she didn’t fall for it.

“No need for introductions, I know who you are” she replied immediately cutting my short introduction even shorter.

“That’s good. Since you know who I am. Why have you been snubbing my messages?” I asked her trying to be more direct but she turned and looked at me from head to toe.

“don’t give me that look pretty, I just want to know but its okay now, at least I have been granted the opportunity of having a real conversation with you” I said carrying myself like someone who is having an appointment with the queen of England.

“that is if we would be having that conversation you speak of because am leaving”

“what is wrong with you? Why are you giving me these cold Shoulders?   Am not evil. I only want us to be friends” I said. The way she looked at me, it was as if we have been in conflict for a long time. She pushed me out of the way and walked out of the bar. I felt embarrassed. I have never been humiliated like this my entire life.

“who does she even think she is? Beyonce or Nikky Minaj .. ” I taught.  Luckily for me. I saw her business card on the floor. She must have dropped it when she was trying to push me. I picked it up and saved her number immediately. The drama continued as I continued bombarding her with my sweet words and romantic midnight calls until she finally accepted but with a condition that I should breakup with all my girlfriends and side chicks.


“Lol, you are not serious Mike, You mean she told you to break up with the seven girls you are dating currently plus 5 side chicks and 2 baby Mamas, just for her?”    Said Henry my friend who I told everything about Amanda

“Yes Ooh !! that’s her condition” I replied.

“and are you going to do it?”

“Never!! No way . . . emm, In fact, I don’t know”

“hum, what’s so special about this Amanda”

“Everything guy, everything!!  I claim I know a lot of girls and their attitude, but this one is completely different”

“well, Good luck with whatever plans you have. Go and get me a cold bottle of Hineken, it’s been long I tasted Alcohol, let me go back to a whole new life” Said Henry as I gave him his dream bottle of Hineken Beer. 

Episode 3- the shock

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