What to do with your life when all hope is lost

What to do with your life when all hope is lost


Are you in a situation in your life right now where you feel the odds are against you and all hope is lost? Here is a list of What to do with your life when all hope is lost.

Things can happen in life where you will suddenly find yourself in the absence of hope. It could be the loss of someone or something dear to you, circumstances that are too much to bear, some things that do not work out, a stage where you get stuck and see no way forward, a feeling that you are all alone, or a complete loss of interest in life.

No matter what you went through, you will be able to overcome the current circumstances and fund again with the Foundation of Hope. You will find in this article some useful suggestions that will help you rekindle your hopes and defeat your current situation.

What Is Hope?

Hope is an expression of security in life, a basis for more practical tendencies like patience, determination and courage. Hope provides motivation to achieve those goals.

Why Hope Is Important In Life

Hope is a great necessity for producing and maintaining the enthusiasm required to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. If you want to live a full and meaningful life, hope is one companion you can not afford to lose.

What Is Important In Life

It is said:

A person can live 40 days without food, three days without water, eight minutes without air, but only one second without hope.

Here are some ways in which hope can be vital in life:

1. Hope Produces The Courage Required To Face The Challenges Of Life

Many situations in life come without warning, and often people find themselves unwilling to face the difficulties that may arise as a result of the situation.

For example, the COVID-19 plague that befell the entire world left no message, and yet it claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, millions of jobs and businesses lost billions of dollars.

There are other challenges that may not come in the same size as COVID-19, but can have debilitating effects on a person’s health, finances, family or business. But when you can find an anchor of hope in the midst of your challenges, hope will arise from within and you will suddenly have the courage to face the challenge.

Sometimes it works like magic when suddenly you find strength in your weakness, hope in your hopelessness and opportunities in the midst of scarcity.

2. The Optimistic Hope That Things Will Work Out

Hope does not give up too soon, and it does not receive defeat.

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When you have hope, you can do almost anything because you believe your efforts will eventually pay off. Hope helps you believe that despite the unpleasant experiences you have, you will eventually overcome them.


3. Hope Helps To Initiate New Strategies

Hope gives you the initiative to come up with new strategies in finding a solution instead of giving up. When you have hope, you will become creative and innovative in finding alternative ways to get out of your current situation.

Hope is looking for new ways to achieve its dreams instead of succumbing to the weight of possibilities.

4. Hope Helps You Stay In The Game Until A Solution Is Found

There are cases where you can not even see a way forward in the situation. It’s just like having to swim to shore when you find yourself in a capsized boat.

You do not even know how close you are or close to the shore, and you have only two options: drown and die or keep swimming as much as possible until a miracle probably happens.

Having your hope can help you keep going until a solution is found. Most people have found almost miraculous solutions as a result of perseverance and staying in the game.

What to do with your life when all hope is lost – How to Recover And Rekindle Hope

What to do with your life when all hope is lost

When a situation that you are taken out of balance and found yourself at the lowest end of hope, here are some suggestions on what you can do to recover, rekindle and rejuvenate your hopes.

1. Express Your Feelings

Get it out of your head.

Sometimes, in order to find a solution to a problem, you need to start thinking about it. There is a kind of relief you get when you express your feeling by speaking to yourself or the listener.

You can write your situation in your personal diary and depending on the sensitivity of the subject, you can write in a personal blog or make a video post to tell your experience on a platform like Instagram. Speaking of which, your mind will be free to bear the burden alone and you will be able to get helpful tips that can raise hope in you again.

2. Find A Community

Aside from expressing your feelings through various means, you can also find hope in communities. You will find communities of people facing challenges similar to yours. In such communities you will discover coping mechanisms or hear success stories of how people overcome the common challenge.

You can find such communities by attending an online event or searching for interest groups on social media. When you get to hear other people’s stories and how they managed to overcome similar challenges, you will find hope to overcome yours as well.

3. Connect To A Bigger Picture And Your Bigger Goal

When you focus on your immediate challenges and how bad things have turned out, it can be hard to find hope. But when you focus on a bigger picture and a bigger goal of your life, you will find inspiration to believe again.

You will also know that this stage will pass and there will be the dawn of a new morning, a morning that will lead you to your big dream.

4. Relive Your Memorable Moments

Sometimes, certain issues can seem like a big deal until you remember some of your life events. You may find that you went through worse things and came out stronger. You will also find some moments that you initially lost hope in certain issues but had a good fight and commemorated.

Even if these issues were on a smaller scale compared to the issues you are facing now, you can still use a similar approach on a higher scale to bring the desired solution.

5. Do Something Else

Another way to find hope is to try something different. You can change your routine or change your environment by going on a vacation where you will see beautiful places and scenes and meet new people.

You can also spend some time with nature to revive hope. It has been found that recreation with nature has physical and psychological effects. It reduces stress and also relieves depression and anxiety.

6. Read Biographies And Autobiographies

There is a common saying that there is nothing new under the sky.

People came and went in this world and encountered all kinds of difficult situations. So many stories of trouble and victory have been told or written, and reading such information can help you gain motivation in your hopelessness and you will also find practical ways to deal with your strange situation.

7. Watch Heroic Movies

Whether they are based on true stories or just pure fiction, you can find inspiration by watching heroic movies.

For movies a way to appeal to our sensitive. They can also ignite the drive you need to anticipate. When you watch ordinary people turn situations and become great despite all the odds, something within you will assure you that you can also overcome your current situations and win.

8. Re-Watch A Historic Sporting Event

The sport is full of stories of surprises and magical comebacks, especially during the injury period when all hope is lost. Watching such games can help you gain excitement and rekindle your hopes.

There are also specific stories of coaches, teams and athletes who made a surprising comeback when people gave up on them.

Particularly noteworthy is the story of Tiger Woods, who has been tagged as one of the finest comeback stories in sporting history. Woods won the Masters again after going through a career slump due to personal challenges and poor health.

Such an inspiring story can help you understand that you can still find hope even in the most hopeless situation.

9. Seek Help

You can talk to your spouse, friend, counselor or anyone who is willing to listen to your story.

Aside from talking to people, you may need to take proactive steps. You can ask for specific help such as creating a crowdfunding campaign if you need financial help, talking to a lawyer group if you are cheated or abusive, or asking for help from other experts who can handle your specific situation.

10. Seek Divine Help

As human beings, many things are beyond us so we should not hesitate to seek divine intervention every time we fall on our face. Some people have found hope, joy and rehabilitation by seeking help from above.

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By praying and unloading your burden to God, you acknowledge that you are only human and demand the greatest help from what any other person can provide.

Last Thoughts

There is always a source of strength and hope available to any situation.

Talk to someone, do something else, look inside you, read biographies, rejuvenate old memories or seek divine help. When you do, your mind will be refreshed, your problems will look lighter and you will find hope to navigate until you get out of the situation.

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