When God decides to butter your bread - who goes that man

When God decides to butter your bread – who goes that man


When God decides to butter your bread, who Goes that man!

My people, my people.. Something wonderful happened today.. Something wey sweet pass agege bread.. Omor !! .. I don blow !!!

I have been suffering since yesterday, till now.. Ah God.. I am so happy.. So miracles do happen ehh!

I was just on my own last week, nah so sapa carry en load come my house. Like joke like joke my brother, I instantly ran broke. Ahh.. Broke is even better, the fact that I can’t afford 10 naira sachet water made tears roll down my cheeks.. Ahh! . not till I remembered that I serve a living God.. Can somebody say hallelujah!

I quickly embarked on 3 days dry fasting and prayer. Since there is noting to eat and no money, let me kukuma turn the hunger to fasting..

Guess what? .. Just as I finished my fasting and prayer, immediately I concluded the prayers .. I received a message.

I taught it was MTN ooh , disturbing me, little did I know that I have been blessed by God.

I didn’t pickup my phone immediately because I taught it was MTN.. I left it on the table as it was and slept off in hunger. By the time i woke up, it was a bit dark…so I raised my phone to check the time just to see a credit alert of 1.5 Million naira ..

I don’t know the kind of condition you are into my brother, but when God says its over…. IT IS OVER!!!

at first i taught it was a joke… I checked my bank mobile app and it said that 1.5 million naira was cooling in my account.. Ah ah..! I first rushed to the ATM and withdrew 10,000 naira, just to make sure it was real.. My brother, it was real ooh.. 

Ahh! .. I don make am.. At last, I can pay for my expired shop and house rent, then stock my shop with goods.. The remaining money will be used for other things.

What am I waiting for.. I quickly called my Landlord and also the landlord to my empty shop.. He sent me his account number and I wired the money to him instantly. I also called the wholesale dealers at Lagos, I paid them for new goods .. I deal on men clothes, but with the kind of hunger i faced last week, I had to sell everything underprice just to eat.. This time, God has given me the opportunity to double my hustle.

It was after I paid the wholesale agents that I got a call.

“Hello, is this Noble?”

“Yes oh!! .. Any problem”

“Ok.. Thank God, there is problem, a big one. You got an alert of 1.5 Million Naira, the money was sent to a wrong account, after tracking your account, I was able to get your number, pls sir, from your voice, you sound like a good man, I was hoping you could send the money back ” the voice said.

“humm .. Good man kwa, who is it you said you wanted to call again, because this is definitely a wrong number.. I am so sorry for your problem, God has solved mine, I would advice you to fast for 3 days.. Maybe, God might do it for you like he did it for me.. Its time for my midnight food, abeg leave my phone” I said.

That one is his business, God has blessed me.. And I have used the blessing to the fullest, .. My brother if God decides to bless you .. WHO GOES THAT MAN Oh!! .. 

Tomorrow morning, I woke up to 5 missed calls. .I decided to call the man and explain to him what I have used the money for, its not my fault he made mistake typing account numbers .. One thing I am sure of is that I will not repay that money..

I quickly called the man, after much deliberation, the man decided to meet with me.. Hey!! .. Wahala ohh..

Well, as a responsible guy, i went to meet him, i showed him my transaction details, and how I spent his money.. If nah die, we die here.

The man looked at me and shook his head.. He was silent for some time, then he raised his head and said ..

” you used my money wisely, you pushed almost 60% of the money to your business.. I know i should get you arrested but since its just 1.5 million .. I have decided to leave it for you .. In order to help push your business, here is a cheque of 5 million naira. For being honest with me and not ignoring and trying to run away like many will do .. I will add 3 million making it 7 million naira.. You told me you fasted and prayed .. God has answered your prayers .. There this contract of of 70 million naira I want to win, I will apply what you have told me today so God will answer me too”

So my brothers and sisters, that is how God blessed me with urgent 8.5million naira today. The man that was supposed to lock me up in prison till I pay back his 1.5 million is now the same person giving me Additional 7 million naira.. My brothers and sisters, i repeat.. WHEN GOD DECIDES TO BUTTER YOUR BREAD, WHO GOES THAT MAN!!!

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