Where the Hell is Emily?

Where the Hell is Emily? (E2)- The Software

Action Adventure

Where the Hell is Emily? (E2)- The Software

Episode 2

The software

Senator Johnson: as I was saying my able vice, these two personalities has gone on intensive research to get us the right software that would be able to combat the spread of diseases in the 36 states of Nigeria.

Vice President: ok, that’s very nice, let me see what they have

Senator Johnson: the software is not ready yet due to lack of finance for its development, but they will give you a little presentation of what the software is all about.

Vice President: let me see it, the presentation.

Kate and Mike rose from their comfortable seat as they reached out to their bags to get their projecting equipment.

Kate: (Started) Owing to the numerous outbreak of viruses and diseases in the country, as a Microbiologist, my team and I have gone on intensive research to find out most of the diseases bedeviling the health report of the country, its signs and symptoms, causative agents, its life cycle and best solutions to completely eradicate it. From the research, we were able to gather 56 different health conditions which includes covid 19, HIV, Maleria, high and low Blood pressure, Cholera, Leukemia and many others. There is an estimate of 200 major impediments in the country, that we will be able to find with good funding. Mike will explain the software proper.

Vice President: hum!! 200 different diseases in Nigeria? May God have mercy on us. How are we going to deal with all these?

Mike: That is why technology has come to stay. To help assist the world in its activities in order to make it a better place. The software would be designed in such a way that it would recognize these diseases, its signs and symptoms, causative agents, life cycle and solution. The software would function a mobile and desktop application. Whenever someone is not feeling fine, all he/she needs to do is open the software, answer some questions like “how are you feeling, can you specify the signs you are experiencing, when did you start feeling this way, what did you eat in the last 5 days, where is your locality, etc. information from these questions will be used to determine what the individual Is suffering from. After which, the user will be directed to the closest hospital to him. In some cases, this software can also prescribe drugs though the user still needs a lab test to confirm as the software works on highly detailed factual assumption.

Vice President: this is very nice, but from your last statement, it looks like the software won’t give accurate results.

Mike: the problem would be from the user. Someone might not give accurate details to the question for instant, someone saying he has a running stomach instead of a biting stomach. But with accurate details, this software is more than perfect sir.

Vice President: ok, that’s nice, emm! Senator Johnson, how much did you say the funding would cost.

Senator Johnson: noting much, its just 35 million naira my able vice.

Vice President: Ah! (exclaims) that’s a huge sum of money. Are you sure the president would agree to this?

Senator Johnson: he will, the fate of the country depends on it.

Vice President: ok, ok. I will send this message to the president and get back to you later.

Senator Johnson: Ok sir, Thank you so much.

Vice President: you are my own man senator, I would make sure the president approves this.

They said as Senator Johnson, Mike and Kate stands to leave the house after a heartwarming farewell exchange with the vice president

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Where the Hell is Emily?

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