Where the Hell is Emily?

Where the Hell is Emily (E3)- The Plague sweeps Lagos

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Where the Hell is Emily (E3)- The Plague sweeps Lagos

Episode 3

The plague Sweeps Lagos

Few minutes after they drove out of the house of the vice president, senator Johnson, Mike and Kate were caught up in a discussion right inside the brand new state of the arts SUV jeep, this is where the senator got to know Mike well.

Senator Johnson: I love your accent Mike, you look more professional in person than on social media.

Mike: Thanks for the complement ‘my able senator’ (they laughed out loud) you spoke about me today like you have known me for years.

Senator Johnson: my Nice here, did a good work giving me top notch details about you. Come to think of it Kate, where did you even meet Mike. I know all your male friends but Mike I know not.

Kate: Uncl..e!, since when did you start stalking me?, well, if you must know, Mike and I served together at Portharcourt. We were just friends during our NYSC days.

Senator Johnson: that’s nice, Mike its ….. (Mike and Kate cuts in)

“Driver! Watch out !!!”

Just before they could complete the sentence, their car has just met a dangerous collision with a truck that lost control just right in front of Alaba International market. There was great noise at the market. After few minutes of unconsciousness, Mike woke up only to find out that they have lost their driver to the accident. Sadly, Senator Johnson didn’t make it either. Kate was still unconscious as Michael made his way out of the half damaged car. He dragged Kate along side himself.

Shouting and cry of pains were heard from east and west, people running helter scatter. Yes, Mike and co were involved in an accident, but people tends to care less about them as everybody was running for his/her dear life.

There were no guns, war jets or military invasion but it was as if World war 3 has just began. Before Michael could fully gather himself to ask what was happening, a speeding car drove past him and destroyed their already half damaged SUV, rendering it completely useless. The collision sparked an explosion. Thank God Mike managed to get Kate out of the car on time.

“Jesus Christ! What is happening? Why is everyone running?” Mike asked with Kate in his arms.

“don’t let anyone touch you, run for your life” an over speeding pedestrian managed to answer.

Just then, Kate woke up, confused and all that, Mike had to drag her into running with him till they get to what looks like a safe house. There were people there, so Mike inquired to know what was really happening.

“Few hours ago, people started dying like chicken, it started with a fat lady who just slumped and died, vomiting blood and shaking like an epileptic patient. People rushed to carry her to the hospital. after they successfully took her to the hospital and came back to continue their different businesses, it didn’t reach 5 minutes, they all dropped dead immediately. Those that touched them also died, till people noticed that others died from touching a dead person, those who made the last touch said they wont die alone, so they are running around the market touching as many as they can. Its like a disease, once you are infected you have barely 2 hours to live” a lady who was breathing heavily from the run narrated.

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