Where the Hell is Emily?

Where the hell is Emily? (E4)- It can’t be

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Where the hell is Emily? (E4)- It can’t be

Episode 4

It can’t be

“This is very serious, if people are infected with just a single touch, that means the whole of Lagos would be infected before the next day, by the way Mike, where is my Uncle?” Kate asked.

Mike looked at her and shook his head, words were too heavy for him till he dropped the sentence.

“I am sorry, he didn’t make it from the accident”

“What!.. no!!.. It can’t be!!!” Kate cried. She was in pains, her uncle is all she has left in this world, her parents died at a tender age, and she has been living with her uncle ever since, losing her uncle now is definitely the worst thing that would ever happen to her.

Kate has been a hardworking girl from the start. She only came back to Nigeria for this project to which her uncle was the brain behind it. The senator was only trying to find a solution to one of the major problems in Nigeria, little did he know that he will lose his life in the process.

Still in the safe house waiting for hope, Mike stretched forth his hands to curdle Kate who was already rolling on the floor as he whispers to her “Don’t worry, you still have me”

Few hours later, Police siren were heard from east and west, the Police force along side some other medical personnel made it known that the environment has been sanitized. Everyone started coming out of their hiding places. Kate and Mike quickly ran inside a police vehicle and the police official took them home. Mike has insisted that Kate should sleep over at his place inorder to make it easy for Kate to deal with the death of her uncle and she agreed.

Few hours later, the news came up, identifying the virus as anomium. This is a kind of disease that affects the red and white blood cell. It causes a chemical reaction in the body that causes your blood to boil. It is during the boiling that the virus swims toward the skin and this makes it contagious. The life span of this virus is just 5 hours. It generates, multiply, grows and die in just 5 hours while the sick / infected person has just 4 hours to live.

Also from the news, It was noted that the virus also hit two other countries in Africa which are, Ghana and South Africa. From what reports said, the virus came at exactly the same time It came to Nigeria to these other two countries.

The Government has however, created a substance that weakens the virus thereby extending the life span of an infected patience to just 5 hours as the struggle of producing a vaccine comes to play.

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