Where the Hell is Emily?

Where the Hell is Emily? (E5)- Bold decision

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Where the Hell is Emily? (E5)- Bold decision

Episode 5

Bold decision

“You can’t continue like this Kate, you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday” Mike who was standing with a plate of rice in his hands said, trying to get Kate to eat.

She has been moody all through the night, the death of her uncle was really a traumatizing situation for her, but that shouldn’t make her suffer herself the way she is doing now.

“If you are not going to eat the rice, a least have a cup of tea. You still need to be healthy” Mike continues.

“I am sure that where ever your uncle is now, he won’t be happy that her princess is starving herself”

Just as he finished the words, Kate turned and looked at him, she finally decided to eat something. Just as Mike went out to get her food, a call came in. It was the vice president. He heard the news about the death of Senator Johnson and called to check up on Kate. It was after the call that Kate bursted into tears again. Mike came in only to see her crying. He curdled her and laid her head on his chest, causing her to relax knowing that there is still someone left in this world for her. Just then, the news came up.

Reports from the news made it known that all experts in the field of medical science is to meet with the President, so they will commence immediate research in order to combat this newly found virus of theirs.

Immediately after listening to the news, Kate optioned to join in the research but Mike won’t allow her.

“No Kate, there is no way I am letting you do that, you have barely recovered from the death of your uncle and now, you want to walk into a suicide mission” Mike said.

“This is my chance to prove myself, my uncle died because of this virus, and I am not going to sit down here and wallow in self pity while I can do something to save the world” Kate defended.

“Kate, you are just a micro biologist, not a virologist. Allow experts in the field to do their job please. I don’t want anything to happen to you” Mike replied

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“I worked in one of the top medical institutions in the US, I am experienced more than some people that would be coming for that meeting. Yes i am a micro biologist, but I have spent much of my career doing the work of a virologist. We can even use this to get that perfect disease control software we have been working on.” Kate said.

“We?” Mike asked.

“Yes, you and I… Don’t tell me you are not coming along” Kate questioned

“Of coz I am not coming along. Who would see a death trap and walk into it?” Mike stated.

“You know i can’t do this without you, you are all I have in this world now” Kate said.

“Then don’t do it. Period” Mike replied.

Kate sat in silence for a while, she knew that Mike won’t let her cross that door, she acted as if she has decided not to go for it, as soon as Mike entered the bathroom to get a shower, she sneaked out and left. Mike came out to meet an empty house.

“I knew she was going to leave.. This girl won’t just listen” Mike said as he dresses up to run after her.

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